Rybak in Lofoten for the first time – article in Lofotposten 16.9.2018

 Alexander Rybak in Lofoten for the first time.

Text to picture: Closing concert: Alexander Rybak and TrondheimSolistene had their last concert for this season at Leknes. 

-I sense it is a very warm audience, and that they give much of themselves, tells a smiling and happy Alexander Rybak.

Source: Lofotposten, 16.09.18. Text and photo: Geir Inge Winter.
Translated by Jorunn Ekre.

Lofotposten met Rybak during the intermission of the concert at Meieriet’s “Storsalen” together with TrondheimSolistene, and he told us here that he looked forward to the second part of the concert.

– In classical music I have to concentrate extra. I’m finished with the most virtuose stunts, so now I can turn on the seventh gear, said a smiling Rybak, who visited Lofoten for the first time. 


During the first part Rybak said that one of the best things he had participated in during his career, was the Norwegian TV series “Hver gang vi møtes” .

There I experienced lots of lovely music, and a lot of human compassion. I think the song I liked the most, that is just about that and is written by Sigvart Dagsland, said Rybak before he performed a grand version of “Kan eg gjør någe med det”, accompanied by the strings in TrondheimSolistene.

Grand: The artist Alexander Rybak and the TrondheimSolistene got loudly applaud for a grand concert in “Storsalen” at Meieriet.


It’s grand and beautiful too when Rybak in his opening act performs Ole Bull’s “Seterjentens søndag”, where the joker Rybak before the performance said he liked both girls who smiled and a summer meadow with goats and cows.

And if the audience warmed Rybak, he warmed them back big time, and shared generously of his serious and humorous side.

There was some sadness at the “Storsalen” at Meieriet, too.

– It’s almost a bit sad having the last concert for this season with TrondheimSolistene, who by the way turns 30 this year, Rybak said to applause from the audience.

Entertainer: Alexander Rybak generously gave of himself at the concert at Meieriet.

Winning song

Towards the end Rybak leads the audience’s thoughts back to the final in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, where he sovereignly triumphed  with the song “Fairytale”. 

Here Rybak lets loose together with TrondheimSolistene, and this makes the audience smile widely and applaud loudly. The audience is obviously satisfied.

– The plan was that I left and then you applaud me in again, but now it’s getting late. So then I figured we could do the encore right away, Rybak said cheerfully, and gave us among other things an intimate and warm version of “Love Me Tender” in a stripped down version with song and playing the violin without a bow.

Classical pearls

Under their musical director Geir Inge Lotsberg, TrondheimSolistene fills the “Storsalen” at Meieriet with classical pearls this Saturday evening.

Without being a connoisseur of classical music, we hear and enjoy the ensemble when they perform “Norsk” and “Det første møtet”, composed by our dear national romantic composer Edvard Grieg.


In addition to Grieg, TrondheimSolistene performed works by Henze and Dvorak.

Very satisfied

Two of the 330 people in the audience who enjoyed themselves at the sold out concert, were Bente Heldahl and Johnny Mannes who had just recently moved from Karmøy to Lilleeid on Vestvågøy.

– I’m very fond of classical music and this was a unique, great concert, asserts Bente Heldahl smilingly satisfied.

Johnny Mannes was also greatly satisfied, even if this type of concert was new to him.

– This was really great.

Funny: Show is what you get when  the violins are played in unusual ways.

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