Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak in Estonia to perform at the festival Viru Folk 2020

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Alexander Rybak had a fabulous stay (at Rakvere Aqva) according to the star

According to the manager of Aqva, Roman Kusma, Alexander Rybak is probably the most famous star to have spent the night at Rakvere Aqva. 

Alexander Rybak, the world-famous star of Eurovision, who performed at Viru Folg, spent the night in the 1001 Night Suite in Rakvere.

There were no special requirements from the star. People who came in contact with the musician described him as simple and modest in every sense.

The fabulous 1001 Night Suite is 58.1 square meters with its living and sleeping area. In addition to the balcony, there is a steam sauna, the lights of which create the feeling of a mystical starry sky on the ceiling. 

Alexander Rybak gave a cheerful concert in Käsmu and also visited the county center of Rakvere, where he stayed at the Aqva Hotel.
PHOTO: Marianne Loorents

Alexander Rybak: The audience here understand more than one style of music

On Sunday, Alexander Rybak gave the closing concert of Viru Folk. On Monday, before boarding the plane, the musician talked to the journalist of Virumaa Teataja Anu Viita-Neuhaus.

Alexander Rybak came, saw and conquered!

This time Viru Folk family festival introduced Norwegian music. The thirteenth Viru Folk got a worthy finale when Alexander Rybak, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, gave a concert in the small “Captain’s village” of Käsmu.

The arrival of the Belarussian-Russian born Norwegian singer, violinist, pianist and composer Alexander Rybak in the “Captain’s village” raised questions: the star was wearing a protective mask. Grinning he said it was a Norwegian joke.

PHOTO: Marianne Loorents

The performance of the Eurovision heart-throb played to the full hall in Käsmu, people were enthusiastic, the air was hot with the support of the audience. The show’s star was in a cheerful mood and in a great shape.

Rybak interacted with the audience, the bright-eyed man gave his bow to the female listeners and then dedicated the song to them. The singer said that this was his first performance this year.

Of course the Eurovision winning song “Fairytale” could be heard, which is recognized as the best Eurovision song ever.
Well-known musician, drum teacher of Rakvere Rajaotsa Music School and drummer of the group Dingo Vallo Vildak said that he liked it.

The final song in the concert. Alexander’s famous Eurovision medley and his legendary “Fairytale” 🙂

– Alexander Rybak’s performance ended the folk festival in a positive key. An utter energy bomb. He did fit in there, and he’s also connected to the next year’s theme, Vildak said.
Rybak visited Estonia for the first time in 2010. He was thrilled with the Käsmu village. The singer told it’s his first performance this year.
Alexander Rybak is the most famous artist who has performed at Viru Folk.


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