Alexander Rybak in Denmark. 2 Articles from Jan.11th-12th 2012


Rybak to Danish Grand Prix

Article published on 11.01.2012 . Written by Søren Bygbjerg.

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Found and translated by Marianne Saietz


Rybak to Danish Grand Prix

The Norwegian Eurovision-winner Alexander Rybak will be guest-performer at the MGP-final. Already this evening, he will be guest in Aftenshowet.

The all-time-biggest International Grand Prix-winner, Norwegian Alexander Rybak, will be guest-performer, when the final of the Danish MGP takes place, Saturday Jan. 21st. This is revealed today by

In 2009, the young violinist and singer, who was originally born in Belarus, won the Eurovision Song Contest with a record-high point-score and votes from all the participating countries, when he represented Norway with his own “Fairytale”.

In Aftenshowet this evening.

Since then, Rybak has released two hit-albums, toured around Europe and even participated in Let´s Dance in Sweden. Jan.21st, he will enter the stage of Gigantium in Aalborg, when he will be guestperformer at Danish MGP 2012.

Already today, he performs in Aftenshowet at DR1, 19.00.

If you want to meet Rybak, show up in front of the TV-studio of Aftenshowet in Strandgade 85-87, Krøyers Plads, Christianshavn from 18.00 and please write on the facebook-page of Aftenshowet, that you are coming.


Rybak: I have been given everything in the whole world.

Article published on , 12.01.2012. Written by Søren Bygbjerg

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Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Marianne Saietz


Rybak: I have been given everything in the whole world.

Ever since Alexander Rybak won the European Melodi Grand Prix in 2009, DR has been bombarded with mails and letters from fans, who wanted him in to come to Denmark. And now, it has finally happened. Wednesday, he was guest in Aftenshowet and Saturday, Jan.21st, he will be guest-performer at the Danish MGP 2012.

“How did you know, I was here? It is very nice to see you”,-  it sounded in clear Danish from now 25-year old Rybak, as he met some of his many fans outside the TV-studio of Aftenshowet.

Photo: Aftenshowet

Special role in MGP

Rybak has released two albums since his Eurovision-victory and toured around the world and met several presidents, as the 25-year-old singer and violinist says.

“It has been fantastic. I have been given everything in the whole world.  Especially in Europe, but not so much in Denmark,  so it is fantastic to come”,- Rybak said in Aftenshowet.

And that actually happens now, when he will not only guest-perform, but will also be assigned a “special role” in Danish MGP, as it, secretively, was said in Aftenshowet.

“That is cool!. It is great!”,-  he said about his upcoming MGP-performance.

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