Alexander Rybak in Cris NB’s podcast 2021

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Alexander Rybak in the Mexican podcast Cris NB

The Mexican Christian Navarrete Barrera invited Alexander Rybak for an interview on his podcast “Cris NB” quite a while ago. The interview was announced to be broadcast already in October (see promo further down), but due to Alexander’s busy life it was postponed several times.

But now it is finally here 🙂

In the interview he was asked about his most important performances and Alexander mentioned his performance for Barrack Obama on the Nobel Peace Price in 2009, but also said that the most important was his Bachelor Exam concert in 2012. You can watch that concert HERE. The interview is in English, but the video has Spanish subtitles.

You can listen to the interview on several platforms. Three option are listed below and you’ll find even more platforms HERE

The video has Spanish subtitles

A great promotion of the interview posted by Cris NB already in October 2020

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