Alexander Rybak – “In Bed” interview in VG 04.10.2014

Free from the woman brake


Alexander Rybak (28) doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night because of heartbreak anymore. Now he dreams about sharing his life with a mind reader.

Source: Paper Issue of VG 4.10.14 Author: Christine Rian Johannessen. Photo: Janne Møller-Hansen

Found by Ulli C, translated by Laila SH, revision by Anni Jowett

The clock alarm: When do you get up?



My morning:
– I sometimes wake up at eight if I have to, but I’ll rather sleep until 12. My work is usually in the evenings. The morning very often starts with breakfast at some hotel.




My morning:
– I start the day by reading mails, and that usually takes three hours. I don’t have weekends. No matter if it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it is a workday for me. There are TV-shows and concerts all year round.


Share the bed with?

Music, it helps me to fall asleep quicker.


12:00: Alexander is sitting halfway up in his bed, clutching his hands hard at the edge of his duvet at his apartment at Aker Brygge in Oslo. This is how he starts every day.In two hours he will travel to Hamar to play a concert. Next Saturday he will be ready for “The Hit” at NRK ( The Hit is next Friday)  On the radio he has become a programme host at NRK Classical. Before Christmas he will make concert visits to 15 countries. Alexander stares out of the window with the gaze that has given him both Eurovision-victory and stalkers.

Good morning! Have you slept well?

– Yes, but that was due to sleeping pills. I take them when I have to turn around on my body clock. And today I have a very important meeting.

Do you have sleeping problems?

– Usually I fall asleep at once, because I am exhausted when I go to bed. But when times are difficult, I get up and do things. I won’t let my nerves conquer me. Then I’d rather go and do some laundry.

Sounds smart!

– Yes, or maybe I have a song where I think the refrain should be different. I always turn my phone down to 10 % brightness, because I know there is a big chance that I will think of something that I have to write down during the night. Previously, the worst that would happen was that I woke up during the night. It was usually about girls, and you can’t do anything about that

 You can’t?

– No, if you wake up because you are heartbroken, what can you do? The last you should do is to send a message, writing ‘I miss you.’ That is just creepy.
Have you chosen against having a girlfriend?

– Last time I was in a serious relationship, it was a big break for song making, anyway. I said no to a lot because of love. And I don’t regret that, I don’t think you should be halfway lovers. I was among other things invited to take part in ‘The Bachelor’ in Ukraine. I was offered one million euros to fool around with girls for three months.

Earlier you have told that you became exhausted and depressed because you had a too high tempo. Are you afraid that this will happen again?

– That’s kind of a wimpy thing, really. You haven’t really driven yourself too hard before you lie in bed and can’t move. And then there is the thing called whining, where artists say they have hit the wall. And I have said that once. I just didn’t manage to give concerts, and cancelled everything.

How are you these days, really?

– I have really been impudently good all the way, except on bad days. I’m so happy that I have chosen to listen to my inner voice in my life. After I won Eurovision, people started telling me what I should do. But then you go home and think: ‘Wait a minute – Is this what I really want?’ I am a classical musician and want to give people a versatile package.

What do you dream of?

– I dream of playing the violinist Ole Bull in the film about his life. I also dream of starting a family. And that is connected to the dream of being a song writer, because then I will be able to work from where I live. I don’t want to be a weekend dad who tours all the time, who says ‘In two months we can go to Tusenfryd’

What kind of dad do you want to be?

– I don’t know if I will ever be a dad. I feel that I have so many privileges in life, and you can’t have them all. Maybe I am not meant to experience the greatest in the world. But there are lots of other cool things. My 3D television, for example.

Do you like spending money?

– I like better to let it be. I am not exactly an Uncle Scrooge, but I am not Petter Stordalen either. That is, I am a violinist who earns money like a pop star.

What should your girlfriend be like?

– I don’t know. Maybe a single mother.

– No, I don’t know, but that’s another discussion. Forget that about a single mother. I think I want a mind reader. Who never asks me what I have done today, but who can look at me and see what I have done. Who rather could tell something about herself, because when I get home, I am kind of tired of talking about myself.

Alexander Rybak In bed with

“I was offered a million euros to fool around with girls for three months”

Alexander Rybak

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