Alexander Rybak in Baku. Jan. 25, 2012

Alexander performed his famous “Fairytale” at the official ESC ceremony of Host City Insignia Exchange and the Semi-Final Allocation Draw together with the introduction of the slogan and theme art for this year’s contest, which were held at Buta Palace, Baku (Azerbaijan). He was at the same stage with other ESC participants: Ruslana, Safura, Aysel, Lena and of course, Ell/Nikki.

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Alexander Rybak to visit Baku to watch Eurovision 2012 Song Contest

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I am awaiting more surprises in May and would like to see it. I believe there will be magnificent Eurovision contest in Baku. I see great hospitality while visiting this country every year as a tourist or guest. Azerbaijani people look excited and happy for the victory in this contest. I even would like to learn your language. It will be difficult, but I will try”, winner of the Eurovision 2009 Song Contest Alexander Rybak told APA.

The singer said he saw Baku more improved and renovated than two years ago when he visited the city for the first time. “New buildings were constructed, the city became more beautiful. I love Azerbaijan”.

Alexander Rybak accredited as a journalist at the Eurovision contest last year will visit Azerbaijan to watch the contest this year too. “I was accredited as a journalist last year. But I wouldn’t like to be accredited as a journalist. I think I will visit Baku and watch the contest”.

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