Alexander Rybak: I’m very happy that I have the strength to accomplish many different projects.

Yesterday, the National Culture Palace,“Ukraine”, held a huge Christmas/New Year show with the participation of many of the best stage stars. During the show, Alexander Rybak gave us an exclusive interview.

– Everyone is waiting for the new year now. Many are summing up this year’s experiences,remembering important events that filled up this year. Tell us, what do you remember the most? 

AR: I remember that I did not forget my inner strength. Because this year, I was invited to participate in many projects in different countries. But for me, the most important ones were my own projects. The projects that were carried out through my own ideas- that is- I had an idea and I fulfilled it.


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Translation by Marina Rolbin 

 – What kinds of projects were you able to accomplish? Can you list some of the most important ones?

AR: For example, I wrote the song “Into a Fantasy” for the soundtrack of the popular animated trilogy “How to Train Your Dragon”. In addition, I wrote a classical aria for a great Norwegian tenor; I wrote a song for a talented guy in Malta, and most recently, I wrote a song for Belarus and held auditions to create the group “Milki”. My group will fight for the right to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2015. And all this was achieved through my own initiatives. I’m very happy that I have the strength to accomplish many different projects. This is difficult, of course, but when it works out, I feel great.

– You’ve been able to display your strengths in various capacities. You’re a composer, and a singer…

AR: I’m a violinist! (he laughs)

– And a violinist. And you’ve become the new group’s producer. Tell us how you feel in this role.

AR: I can’t quite explain. Others are saying that I’m a producer. I don’t even understand that word. I’m more of a composer. Of course I have my own ideas: how everything will look, how they will sing, etc. Personally, I feel that the role of the group’s producer fits Andrei Guzel more and he will develop and promote them and I will write songs for them.

rybak_nov_5– Everyone remembers your triumphant Eurovision victory. At that time, during the initial national selection and during the actual competition, you were responsible for your own performance, your own song etc. And now, you have to worry about your group. Tell me, were you more nervous then or are you more nervous now?

AR: I am far more nervous now that I was before the Norwegian national selection. I am crazy nervous. Because now, it’s not just about me, but about the girls that I picked. I have faith in them and we’re also talking about Belarus, which is my homeland. So I really hope that they will perform well and they everyone will like my song.

–  Do you have plans for next year? Do you have new projects, songs, ideas that you would like to accomplish next year?

AR: I’ve been invited to a Russian TV show. They invited me a few days ago. It will probably take a lot of time and I’m also writing a book about at troll and after that, I’ll have classical projects and lots of other interesting stuff.

–  The new year is a time of wonders. What are your hopes and dreams in the new year? Do you have a dream which you would like to come true?

AR: Probably to go to Disneyland again and also to travel to the U.S. We’ll make them all come true.


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