Alexander Rybak: “I like that Lithuanians are not snobs”

Article published on 07.04.2012.

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Found by Alev Can. Translation by Jolanta Esu. English revision by Tessa La

 I like that Lithuanians are not snobs

Three years ago, Europe knew nothing about the Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak. However, a young and enthusiastic guy just appeared on the Eurovision stage with the song “Fairytale”, was fascinated by its simplicity and won the contest. This Sunday A.Rybakas seems to come to Lithuania LNK music show “Voice of Lithuania.”

He will sing with one of the contests. The singer, who himself has repeatedly participated in various talent shows, suggests that it is essential to know why you’re on stage.

– On Sunday, you will sing in LNK music project “Voice of Lithuanian”. There are many talented performers, who are competing for the title. What do you think, what is the recipe for success?

– It is always important to understand what you are doing on stage. What is your goal, what is the purpose of the song? This is not enough to understand the lyrics; you need to understand what makes you unique. This is not necessarily always a perfect voice. This can be anything – your unique laugh, and sometimes looks. I hope that even those participants who are very nervous, they will make it their weapon, rather than weaknesses. You should be proud that you are nervous, because the excitement itself is good. I always feel happy when I’m a little worried, because it means that I get a lot more emotion.

– Are you still worry before going on stage?

– I am often very sad, if I am not worry.

– Is this kind of talent show popular in Norway?

– We also have a “Norwegian voice”. It is not very new in my country. But I think here the level of the show is higher. Lithuanian people are working hard from a young age to achieve something. For them it seems is important to show up well, but not only experience the adventure of life, as for example, in the United States.

– You also participated in one of these talent shows, right?

– Yes. It was a very long time ago. You never know if you’re good or bad. It is constantly changing. Like for the first time, I appeared not very good, but after two years I was eligible for another talent show. I am that kind of talent show guy, who never gives up. And after 4 years I participated in Eurovision song contest and went all the way till the end.

– Are you still feeling repercussions from the Eurovision?

– Instead of trying to move away from this competition, I remember it with the great joy, because it was beginning for my very big international career. So I like to talk about the Eurovision Song Contest. I follow it every year, and I think this contest is a good starting point for many singers.

– How do you assess the ‘Eurovision Song Contest? Do you think this contest, are really important for music?

– It depends on the tracks. Sometimes the song is so good that people vote for a song. For example, Lena (Lena Meyer-Landrut) from Germany. People voted for her song, because on stage she appeared very simply, there was no special show. Like for example, the group Lordi, who won for other reasons. Their song was probably not the best, but they definitely had the best stage image. So, sometimes tradition wind, and sometimes – originality.

– You will never more participate in Eurovision. Why?

– I would participate only as a composer. “Eurovision is not my whole life. I have great memories. I want it to stay that way. For in this contest I will never any more reach for anything higher.

– How have the time after you won the Eurovision Song Contest, changed your perception of music and show business?

– I think I have reacted very traditionally. When I won, I said “yes” to all proposals, which I got. I had 2-3 concerts daily. I did not have any free time. Now I try to find time for what I care about – my projects, my ideas. So now I agree with maybe only 50 percent of what I been offered. Or maybe even less.

– What’s happening at the moment in your career?

– At present, very proud that I have a vast audience of children. I work at the 4-th album, which will focus on the family.

– You create a family album, perhaps you’re going to create a family?

– I hope, but it is very difficult to trust the girls. I’m not saying that it is difficult to find a girl, but difficult to find one, with whom I will really feel a special touch. I want to find a person, with whom I would feel like one person.

– Do you feel free to create what you want?

– Yes. Especially in recent years because I do not think that I have to seek an international career.

– What is music to you?

– Sometimes I am surrounded by friends, and sometimes girls, but when all that no longer exists, the only real thing that happens is the music. It’s like part of my family – I have dad, mom and I have the music.

– Do you agree that the best works are made in distress?

– I believe that it is not, but currently I am suffer a bit, so perhaps now is a good time for creative work.

– What is more important in your song – a melody or the lyrics?

– I think the melody, because it speaks from the heart to the heart.

– This is your second visit in Lithuania, what do you remember from the first trip to Lithuania?

– I remember that while your economy is on a relatively high level, you still live very simply. You’re not snobs. I really enjoyed it.

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