Alexander Rybak: ‘I like Polish models’ – Interview for Polish portal Topstars

Interview published on 29.03.2012.  Link to original article:

Written by Tomasz Piekarski

Translation by Martyna Agnieszka Jasińska

 ‘I like Polish models’

He’s only 25 years old, but has already conquered Europes music stage.  When he won Eurovision Song Contest he opened the door for a career. Special for the readers of Exclusive interview with Alexander Rybak!
[T] You performed on Polish TV, you gave a concert, you met your Polish fans…Do you like our country?
[A]lex: I love Poland as a country. Polish people are awesome, warm people. And you wear nice jeans!

T: Many of your fans are in love with you. Is your heart free right now?
A: My heart has never been free. Especially now, when I met th most wonderful girl of all.

T:What kind of girls do you like?
A: I like few Polish models and Natalie Portman. But mostly I like my girlfriend – she’s number 1! I try to meet her every month, sadly we don’t live in the same city…

T: You’re the ESC winner. Poland has bad luck and we always lose. What do you like in the contest, what would you change?
A: Try to make your chosen song more naughty! Try some new types, have fun and invite me as a judge next year, please 😀
T: How did Eurovision change your life?
After ESC I’ve got many more possibilities. I always liked to work on small projects – now I can make beautiful projects in the whole of Europe. I travel a lot, I have met amazing people and great musicians.

T: You’ve recorded four CDs. When will be the next one?
A: Well, I made only two albums in English. Now I would like to work on individual songs.  I’m especially interested in duets. Maybe you could find me a young Polish artist? 😉

T: What’s your inspiration?
A: My greatest inspirations come to me, when I’m alone. When I’m with people, I love to give. But when I’m alone in the mountains, then I take.

T: What’s your hobby, except for music?
A: My hobby nr 1 in this world are video games: Mario, Tekken, Halo, Zelda, Donkey Kong… I love good stories! If only I could have more time for other games…

T: Do you owe your success to your parents, who are also musicians? 
A: I owe my childhood to wonderful parents. They thought, that everything is useful one step forward. You can make a break sometimes, when you have more time, realize it later.

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  1. Hm… :))) If I would be someone’s;) girl, we could meet every day! 🙂 Cause I love him more, than my city….. :/ :))) 😉

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