I have grown a lot – Interview in Her og Nå 09.02.2016

Alexander Rybak about his participation in the TV success.

The fiddler Alexander Rybak has good memories from the “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” period and says to Her og Nå that he grew from the experience.

Source: paper issue of Her og Nå, published 09.02.2016. Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett.

Only two years have passed since the hero from Eurovision Alexander Rybak (29) mesmerised viewers in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” together with Sigvart Dagsland (52), Øyvind “Elg” Elgenes (57), Simone Eriksrud (45), Samsaya (36), Anneli Drecker (46) and Lars Lillo-Stenberg (53). And particularly the first one mentioned made a deep impression on the capable violinist.

It was special to be around so many original artists and musicians, almost an unusual feeling to get to know so many thrilling personalities in a week. But I have many good memories, particularly it was fun experiencing Sigvart Dagsland`s sense of humour, Alexander Rybak tells Her og Nå.

Alexander says that the day Sigvart’s songs were to be interpreted by the other artists, was the day he enjoyed the most both because of the music and humour.

I’ll never forget when Lars Lillo played “Svik”. But also Elg`s performance of “Hjernen er alene” is something that will stay with me forever, he says.

Alexander thinks that it takes a lot for this kind of programme to influence your career, but says a lot of good stuff has come out of his participation.

As a musician I have grown a lot after “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”, and I’m very happy to have been asked to participate.

He mentions his version of Sigvart’s song “Kan eg gjørr någe med det” and Sigvart’s version of Alexander’s “13 horses” as a nice success for both parties.

I am in touch regularly with the guys, particularly Sigvart. We send each other jokes and songs and such quite often.

Alexander Rybak Her og Nå februar 2016 Hver gang vi møtes
In touch regularly: It was particularly fun to experience Sigvart Dagsland’s sense of humour, Alexander Rybak tells Her og Nå.

Text to photo of artists: Merry bunch: In 2014 Lars Lillo-Stenberg (from left), Samsaya, Øyvind “Elg” Elgenes, Anneli Drecker, Simone Eriksrud and Alexander Rybak participated in Hver Gang Vi Møtes on TV2

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