Alexander Rybak – interview about trendsetting 08.11.2011

Alexander Rybak: – I don’t want to be a trendsetter.

Text to header photo: STRICT ORDERS: Alexander Rybak was a guest in Thursday’s episode of “Happy Day” and was very clear about the fact that Jan Thomas was not allowed to touch his eyebrows.

Norway’s fiddler,  Alexander Rybak, prefers to dress discrete, but loves clothes with Mickey Mouse motives.

Source:, published 08.11.2011. Author: Anders Rydning. Photos: Anne Mari Myklebust.

Found and translated by Marianne Saietz, revised by Bita J.

In Thursday’s episode of  «Happy Day»,  Jan Thomas had a celebrity visitor,  Alexander Rybak. The popular  «Grand Prix» star is not interested in being a trendsetter, but admits that he spends a lot of time in front of the mirror…

Alexander Rybak Happy Days
BEFORE: Alexander Rybak before the meeting with Jan Thomas


– Stay away from the eyebrows

Alexander Rybak admits that he is just like many other men when it comes to his style.
– I’m probably one of those who pretends to not care about what I wear, but I actually spend more time in front of the mirror than one would think, says Alexander.

The fiddler is ready for a makeover by Jan Thomas, but points out very clearly that there is one area the stylist is absolutely not allowed to alter anything about:

– Stay away from the eyebrows!



Alexander Rybak Happy Days
AFTER: This is how Alexander looked after the styling. Shoes from D&G ( 4300 NOk ). Trousers from Dsquared (3299 NOK), Shirt from Dsquared ( 3299 NOK). Jacket from Burberry (9000 NOk). Sunglasses from Synsam. All clothes are from Zenon

No trendsetter

Alexander prefers to keep a casual and comfortable style, and says that he has become more confident in style during the last two years since his career really took off. Nevertheless, Alexander is not interested in being a trendsetter.

– Although it’s always nice when people ask where the clothes are bought, he says.

One thing Alexander always likes to have is clothes with Mickey Mouse motives.

– I love Mickey Mouse, he admits.

Styling for concert

In a few weeks time, before Christmas, Alexander goes on tour for the Christmas concert “Vinterbilder” (Winter Pictures) with  Dennis Storhøi and Anne Vada.

– Is clothing important for such a show? – Jan Thomas asks.

– Yes! Clothing contributes to creating  a unity for the show, which helps to provide the right atmosphere on stage and in front of the audience,- Alexander says.

Watch the video from the TV-show of “Happy Day” with Alexander HERE      

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  1. Oh dear ! This is the result of a professional stylist ? For nearly 20.000 NOk = 2500 EUR ??? (Obviously I have chosen the wrong profession if you can earn so much money in the fashoin genre that easily 😉 !)

  2. her previous image was more to my taste, the change was not significant, I think, but I really do not think that you…..lastima e dejado de su novia…jajaja i´m mexican..i love you

  3. ^^^ Agreed. I watched the transformation on youtube and was shocked… It really doesn’t seem like him at all:( ^^^

  4. Obviously the Stylist doesnt know Alex, forget the bow tie, forget the boots. Alex is “cool” and laid back. Perhaps some UGG boots, but definately horizontal stripes to show how balanced he is….and of course the best label jeans.

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