I appreciate life more now – article in Her og Nå 08.11.2016

Alexander Rybak 10 years after the breakthrough

Text to photo: 10 years ago: Dan Børge Akerø was the host in “Kjempesjansen”. Three years later Alexander won again – “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2009

Alexander Rybak  can celebrate the ten year anniversary of his breakthrough with Dan Børge Akerø’s “Kjempesjansen”. The artist does this with a big smile.

Source: Her og Nå, published 8.11.2016. Author: Per Ingar Nilson. Photo: Svein Brimi, Lasse Erikson, NRK og Jarle Nyttingnes

Happy guy : Alexander Rybak always has a smile in store. The fiddle and charmer has won many hearts.


This year Alexander Rybak (30) can celebrate the ten year anniversary of his breakthrough as the winner of NRK’s talent contest Kjempesjansen.
On Sunday the artist will again join a programme hosted by Dan Børge Akerø (65). Alexander is a guest in the final of “QuizDan”.

-There is a 10 year anniversary for everything, and it would’ve been sad if I didn’t have one too, says a cheerful Alexander to “Her og Nå”.

His career reached a climax when the artist, musician and composer won the Eurovision Song Contest three years later. “Fairytale” became a huge hit all over Europe.
The success was appreciated, but last year there was a personal triumph.
– To me it’s bigger that I released my own children’s book. I worked on it for a long time and it was my idea. Now there are plans for a follow up and a musical. This is my “baby”, he says about “Trolle og den magiske fela” which was also released as an audio book with music.

Coveted theatre award:  Alexander wins the Hedda award as “Debutant of the year” at the award ceremony in 2007. In the musical in Oslo he played opposite Dennis Storhøi.

Of all the people Alexander has met during his lifetime, Dennis Storhøi (56) has a big role (the narrator) in the book. They became friends during Oslo Nye Theater’s performance of “Fiddler on the roof”.
– He has always made his own choices and is anti Jante-law. Dennis always supports new talents, like he did with me. I learned a lot during this period. It was also very grounding, I was the “star” after Kjempesjansen. I got to experience that I was part of a huge bunch where everyone was equal.

Alexander is known as a positive guy who always has a smile in store. He has a positive attitude towards life.
-There’s no use in feeling sorry for yourself, because everyone has their own inner battles. As long as we smile at each other, things will go pretty well, says Alexander who has become better in prioritising his private life.
– I have learned to say no, become more selective concerning the jobs I take on. If you have a superman schedule, you become stressed out, and I appreciate avoiding that. Earlier I felt that life was somewhere out there, and therefore I wanted to travel as much as possible. The last few years I have learned to appreciate spending time with family and friends-and my girlfriend, happy with eight years younger Julie Gaarud Holm.


Alexander Rybak Stille Natt Hellige Natt 2016
Christmas mood : Alexander is ready for the Stille Natt Hellige Natt Christmas tour with Maria Haukaas Mittet, Marian Aas Hansen, Hans Petter Moen and Rune Larsen.

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