Alexander Rybak: “I am glad I returned to Vilnius”

Article published on 2012-04-08, 14:43

Text by Ugnė Karaliūnaitė. Photo by Simono Švitros.  Link to original article here.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Erika Jasiūnienė

A.Rybak: I am glad I returned to Vilnius

Saturday evening, with flight from Riga, the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak, arrived in Vilnius. The 25 years old guy came to Lithuania alone and decided to stay in a small cozy hotel in the center of the capital. “Artists are very lonely, I am no exception”, – the “Fairytale” songwriter, who conquered many European girls hearts, confessed. He said that now he does not have a team who travel with him to concerts, but it is enough joy for him to see the smiles from the audience.

The classical music studying A.Rybak said, that three years after the victory in “Eurovision” he is not “bathing” in the glory rays any longer. The artist works with small projects that will continue to implement his plans in the world of music. The young man, origin Belarusian, living in Norway, has delighted fans with concerts in Scandinavia and Slavic Europe part. “I don’t know if I have a lot of fans in Lithuania. Yet I have performed here only once, but I am very delighted, when I am invited to sing in a small country, “- the singer says.

Recently he was visiting Nepal. The musician says that for him it is more enjoyable to visit the culturally close countries than the exotic countries. “When I arrived there I understood, that I am in these countries because I have money to go there, but the culture for me is alien, – the guy says- . I feel much better in the neighboring countries of Norway.”

The second time coming to Lithuania the singer said that he wants to get to know the Lithuanian culture better. At a press conference the young man asked what traditional Lithuanian dishes he can taste and decided to try the “cepelinai”.

The Easter Sunday in Vilnius for A.Rybak began quietly. His family is Orthodox. And he hopes to spend the Easter with the family later in Oslo.

Asked by journalists, how he values this year’s Lithuanian representative in “Eurovision” Donato Montvydo’s song, A.Rybak did not hide: The song is not original, but you never know how it will succeed in “Eurovision”. German representative Lena song “Satellite” in 2010 years, for me it did not appear original, but she won.”

A.Rybak predicted that the victory in this year’s International Song Contest can even the Russian elders group „Buranovskiye Babushki“ have a chance on.I think the praise should go not only to the songwriter and the singers, but also the producers. Their concept is very strong. I think that for them it can accrue gold.”

Those who want to see A.Rybak voice in Lithuania, can watch his performance in the show on Sunday evening in the first LNK project “Lithuanian Voice” in the final. The charming young man appears on stage with contest participants – 17 years old Valerija. The two artists will perform “Eurovision” song of A.Rybak – “Fairytale”

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