Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)

It is no coincidence that Askim became one of the first stopovers for Alexander Rybak on his anniversary tour.

Source:, published 10.04.2019 Text: Karina Torberntsson
Found and provided by May E. Nipen. Translated by TessaLa, revcision by Anni Jowett. Featured picture: Alexander’s official anniversary tour photo (not used in the original article). 

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The popular violinist has a special relationship with Indre Østfold.

– I have only had one concert before the “10 years of fairytales” concert at Askim culture house this Thursday. One of the reasons I come to Indre Østfold so early on the tour is that I feel confident about the audience. Both during the Soot-Play and seminars, I always get an incredibly good response. The people here are very calm, which is no wonder since they live in such beautiful surroundings. It’s a completely different pace here than in Oslo. The audience is more focused and alert, which I, as a classical musician, greatly appreciate. It seems that they are extra receptive when I fire up an energy-rich song on stage, says Alexander Rybak.

Likes the people: Alexander Rybak says he always gets a good response when he is in Ørje. Here he is at the Marker living and service centre in 2016. Tomorrow he will perform in Askim culture house. Archive photo.

What can the audience expect at the anniversary concert?
– I have added some extra numbers for the people from Indre Østfold, but otherwise there will be songs from both Melody Grand Prix and the TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes”. I am concerned that people will have their expectations fulfilled, but I also want to surprise them. Show that I have more strings to play on. Among other things, I will be the presenter and tell some  self-made jokes.

– Many in the district know you as Ole Bull in the Soot-Play. DO you play the role this year too?
– It hasn’t been launched yet, but I really want to come back. With age, many of my  jobs feel exactly like a job, but this is not the case in Ørje. It’s just fun with work in the evening and holidays during the day. The interaction between professionals, school children and amateurs is really nice. I always long for the cohesion when I come home.

– Tell us about the Soot-Play.
– It is difficult to point to a specific memory. I of course, remember that I ate yogurt while I watched the Football World Cup in the cabin, but the best is the great memories of how good the cohesion is, says Alexander Rybak.

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Likes Ørje: Alexander Rybak says he always longs back to the Soot-Play and the good cohesion. Here he is together with Dennis Storhøi (left) and Johan Østereng in 2015. Archive photo

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