Nominate Alexander for the GULLSNUTTEN Awards – Nordic Screens 2015

From 5th to the 19th of January you can nominate your favourites for the “Gullsnutten” Awards.

Alexander will automaticly be nominated in the category “YouTuber”. We can nominate him two further more categories, the music-channel of the year and the YouTube clip of the year.

In 2014 Alexander uploaded 8 videos to his YT- channel. Three songs from Christmas Tales (audio), What I Long For, Accent (audio), his new aria “I dine Hender”,  The DreamWorks soundtrack “Into a Fantasy” and the Q&A video.  You will find the URL-link to them all here:

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Translation of the Norwegian text on
Earlier this fall,
it became known that TVNorge  will honour Norwegian YouTubers. In the awards show “Gullsnutten” there will be awards in seven categories to Norwegian contribution on YouTube. The clip of the Year, this year’s game channel, this year’s video blogs, this year’s lifestyle channel, this year’s funniest channel, this year’s music channel and this year ‘s YouTuber. The nomination process opens to the public January 5th 2015 on Gullsnutten.noAn independent “Gullsnutt” committee will choose the winners. The program will also be streamed live on TVNorge’s YouTube channel, which is Norway’s biggest with its 1.1 million subscribers, and channel for the producer Nordic Screens.

  • The YouTube-videos, channels and YouTubers must have Norwegian author (or live in Norway)
  • There are 6 categories where you can nominate in – The YouTuber of the year decides by the committee and all the YouTubers are nominated automatically.
  • Everyone can nominate, both from Norway and from abroad
  • Everyone can encourage to nominate, even oneself.
  • A nomination is the same as a vote
  • You can only vote for ONE channel, video or YouTuber in each category. If you change your mind,a nd vote again, the first vote will be. You therefore have to log in either from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram to vote. “Gullsnutten” requires a log in to be able to register unique votes. We will not reveal your log in info or emailadr to others.
  • Voting Period takes place in two weeks, until Monday 19 January 0900 CET.
  • Then an independent committee determine the winner based on the most popular.
  • The committee consists of industry people who know YouTube well, including from TVNorge,, Windmill Video and in addition the YouTubers will be represented in categories they do not belong in. The purpose is to determine a winner that both YouTube ccommunities highlights and who are lifted up by professionals.
  • The committee has overall authority to decide questions arising.

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