Alexander Rybak -“Got top-grade at violin exam” June 7th 2012

Photo: Alexander Rybak had Gunnar Flagstad with him on piano at his exam-concert thursday afternoon.

Got top-grade at violin exam

Article published on 7.6.2012. Text and photo by Fred Olav Vatne. 
Found by Tessa La. Translation by Marianne Saietz

There was room for both humor, seriousness, anecdotes and song when Alexander Rybak held his final violin exam at Barratt Due Music institute today, for which he got the grade A.

When Alexander Rybak opened his exam-concert Thursday afternoon the concert hall of Barratt Due was “As full as we are allowed to fill it”,  as the spokesperson of the house said in his introduction.

Typical that the things, you struggled with goes like a dream.

The concert opened with challenging and virtuoso music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Schubert, before Rybak came with “lighter” music as ” Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. It was nevertheless here the difficulties began for the exam-candidate.

“It is very typical that the things, one thinks one has to struggle with, goes like a dream because one have practiced so much”, Rybak said to NRK after the concert. “But that one has looked most forward to,  can be characterized by nerves and too much adrenaline. At the most calm part, I suddenly had to think: ” Alex, get your act together now, full control, don’t get too excited!
– I was looking forward mostly to the Debussy-piece – so much that I actually got “bow-shake” in exactly that, but it was only 2 minutes out of 55 and the really difficult went like a dream”.

Rybak built up the atmosphere step by step, partly alone and partly together with the pianist Gunnar Flagstad. In the last number,  it took completely off with ABBA-glimpses and ” Great balls of fire” inserted in ” La Ronde de Lutins” by Antonio Bazzini.

Watch Alexander play from Bazzinis “La Ronde de Lutins”.

And sing ” Great Balls of Fire” and Bazzini again.


I need a little of each in every concert

Alexander Rybak left no doubt about, that the classical music tradition has a special place in his heart. ” It is just as important to me, to communicate this music, as it is to communicate folk music or pop”, says Rybak, who also found room for one of his own compositions “Dagdrøm” in the program.

The violinist, singer and composer Rybak, sees it as his most important task, to put the different musical styles of expression into a mutual context. ” The only important job I have and which I just have to carry on my shoulders, is to mix genres and mix cultures. I got to have a little of each in every concert. Therefore, it was very exciting with this, which was almost a pure classical concert”.

Watch interview with Rybak and his manager Kathrine Synnes Finnskog after the concert.

Subtitles in English, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak and German

 More music from the concert.

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