Alexander Rybak gives a press conference in Minsk, 05.01.2012.

Written by Tatiana Pastushenko. Photos by Nadezda Degtyareva

Winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Norwegian singer of the Belarusian origin Alexander Rybak told the finalists of the TV music project Eurofest (national selection of the Eurovision) to take the contest as a holiday. The artist gave a press conference in Minsk on 5 January.

“The most importantthing is to take the contest as a holiday and forget about the victory, you should enjoy the process. It rarely happens that all things go as planned. Therefore, you should thoroughly prepare for both Eurofest and Eurovision and when you come to the big stage you should never forget why you are there. Some people forget,” the artist said. Besides, it is very important that the team of a participant thinks about the country it represents first, not about personal interests as it often happens at Eurovision. The team should work for the common purpose.

Alexander Rybak praised the high level of the Eurofest music show. He regretted that the group Thriller who did a great show did not make it to the final. He gave tips to each finalist of the show. Alexander Rybak noted the catchy melody of the song We are the Heroes of the group Litesound and said that he even sang it in the shower a day before. “A trendy song, good English,” he said. Gunesh has a charming smile and a strong voice, Alexander Rybak said. Alena Lanskaya is definitely vocally gifted. Alexander Rybak recommended her to make the music more quiet to emphasize her voice. Viktoria Aleshko, according to Alexander Rybak, has the strongest voice among all the finalists.

He wished good luck to the fifth finalist of the national selection Uzari who is busy preparing for the final show. Uzari could not personally take part in the master class of Alexander Rybak, as he is in another country recording a song with a British record label. Commenting on the performance of Uzari, Alexander Rybak pointed to the confidence and special vibes of the artist. “The audience and me in particular, like artists who radiate strong vibes,” he said.

Alexander Rybak said that he will never ever take the Eurovision stage as a performer, because he once conquered the popular contest and he will never be as famous as he was back then. Alexander Rybak said that he might write or compose a song for participants of international music contests. This might be a Belarusian artist as well.

Alexander Rybak added that he might come to Minsk for the final show of Eurofest 2012 that will be held in the Palace of Sport on 31 January.

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