Alexander Rybak – Fantastic concert in Klaipeda, Lithuania 25.07.15

Videos from Alexander’s concert at the Klaipeda Sea Festival in Klaipeda, Lithuania 2th of July 2015. 

Parts of the concert was broadcast on Lithuanian TV 31st of July 2016, and here are the TV-version of Alexander’s performance.  Below  the TV-version video, you’ll find more videos recorded by people in the audience at the live concert.

In case the YT-video is blocked in your country, you can also watch it on Vimeo:

Thanks to Andy Agandy for uploading them 🙂  Not the best quality, but it shows the fantastic mood there 🙂

Europe’s Skies and Fairytale

Into a Fantasy 

Kotik and Strela Amura

I’m in Love

Roll with The Wind and The Eurovision Medley

And at the end one more Roll with The Wind 🙂 

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