Alexander Rybak Fans: Favourite moments from 2018

Dear readers, as this year comes to an end today, it’s the perfect time to remember what it has brought to us. We asked Alexander Rybak fans what were their favourite moments from 2018 and we publish the answers as a tribute to the passing year. Happy New Year…

We were so happy for his victory in MGP

My most memorable Rybak moment in 2018 is definitely when he was announced the winner of Melodi Grand Prix. Spektrum just exploded : ) Kari, Norway

My most nice moments: 1. Melodi Grand Prix in  Spektrum. Niels, Netherlands

I would say when he won Melodi Grand Prix, that was just amazing. Jorunn, Norway

My favorite moment is MGP. I’m “a new fan” and it’s the first time I’ve seen a program like that, that I follow it, and I support it that way. and I loved it! I cried and enjoyed a lot, I’m really proud to be his fan and accompany him from a distance! Noelia, Argentina

My favorite Alexander Rybak moment was right after his winning of the MGP in Oslo with the song ” That’s How You Wrote A Song”. So many happy faces in the hall. Susanne, Germany

His “I did it” face when he was announced as the winner of MGP 10.02.18.  And is winner performeance in MGP. So much joy everywhere. May Elisabeth, Norway

Link to Fan report from MGP

“Just the way you look tonight” the video he released right after winning MGP

My most nice moments: 2. music video, Just the way you look tonight. Because of the Tusen takk monkey 🐵 Niels, Netherlands

I follow A.Rybak’s work with interest; his every video, to choose a performance is very difficult.  But in 2018 I was touched by the live performance in Norway of the song “Mama” (Mom). I also liked the comic video “Just the Way You Look Tonight”. Roman, Russia

Skavlan TV show 

I go for the TV-show Skavlan where played together with the Swedish ESC participant and also did a quiz with Fredrik Skavlan. Skavlan was at that time one of the most popular TV-show in both Norway and Sweden, so it was a good promotion and he did very well 🙂Tessa, Norway 

We loved having him back in Eurovision Song Contest

Link to fan report

Alexander has given me many reasons to smile in 2018, including MGP, Soot Spelet, Klubben Anniversary show and of course the “Mother of all Christmas concerts” Stille Natt Hellige Natt, but probably the most memorable and incredible one of all was to actually attend the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon this year. Something I have dreamt of doing all my life, but having Alexander competing made it more thrilling than I can ever have imagined! I cannot express the joy I felt in my heart when I saw Alexander on the Eurovision stage again, and this time to be there waving my Norwegian Flag this close to the stage in person! Wow it was amazing! Just as I had dreamt it would be. Anni, England

Photo by Anni

Eurovision song contest, Johanna, Hungary ,Dasja, Valentina and Viktoria, Russia, rybak.poland

Birthday concert for crown princess Victoria

Link to fan report

My most nice moments: 3. Birthday concert for crown princess Victoria. Niels, Netherlands

I am a little fan from Romania. I have some special moments this year that I love it very much. First is Alex on Eurovision Contest were, even if he was cold, he did a great job. Next it was the birthday concert for the crown princess Victoria. Also I like very much the songs: ” Mom” and ” Let the music guide you”. “Mom” is my favorite because I love my mom very much. And ” Let the music guide you” became my joik too. This song was singed by Alex one day before my eye surgery. And from that day I’m singing every day. Kisses and hugs. Maria Ecaterina, Romania

Visit to the recording of “Ønskekonserten” and “Allsang på grensen”

Link to event

  1. My visit to the recording “Ønskekonserten” with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK), on the 20th of June in Oslo Ingierstrand/ Norway.
  2. My visit to the music festival “Allsang på grensen” on the 18th of July in Halden/ Norway.  Joerg, Germany
Photo by Joerg
Photo by Joerg

We were touched by his performance of Mom 

Link to event

There are so many great moments and music it’s hard to select just one. I really loved his performance of Mom when his mom was in the audience. You could see the genuine pride and love in each of their faces.  Patti, USA

For me personally, apart from Eurovision 2018, I will remember most the moment when I heard the song for his mother.  Bozena, Poland

Photo by Joerg

Soot spelet

It’s always nice to watch him in Soot-spelet. Here is his Ole Bull performance. May Elisabeth, Norway


Klubben jubilée

His performances in the jubilée event at Hotel Klubben – AND the wonderful audience response, that can be heard in this audio. I love that he is loved by so many also outside facebook… May Elisabeth, Norway

Concert tour with Trondheimsolistene

The classical concert he did in Borre with Trondheimsolistene was really great. Jorunn, Norway

Photo by Jorunn

Link to article

Stille natt hellige natt (Christmas concert tour)

Link to article 

My favourite Alexander moment was when I could give him the Lego violin I had built and getting a hug, picture and autograph after the last concert of „Stille natt, hellige natt“ in Fagerborg church in Oslo, 22nd December! Here’s a photo of him and me holding the box with the violin in it. Petra, Germany

Photo by Petra

My most nice moments: 4. Stille Natt concert in Oslo. Niels, Netherlands

Especially his violin variations of “Vi tenner våre lykter” in SNHN Christmas concert May Elisabeth, Norway

We found our Joik in Muitte Mu, Let the music guide you.

Link to event

Many great performances are already mentioned, for me Muitte Mu was interesting to se him work and learning to yoik and the final “Let the Music Guide You” Simon, Sweden

I really like Sasha’s song Let the music guide you. The song is just magical, touches the heart. I also remember Eurovision 2018 and the song That’s how you write a song. My joy knew no bounds when I heard it. Of course, I voted for Sasha at Eurovision. In general, I like the creativity of Rybak and I actively follow the news about Sasha. Olga, Russia

Eurovision 2018, And the new song ” let the music Guide you ” ❤️💘 rybak.poland


Esc 2018 and ”Let the music guide you” as it still Christmas time I often listen to Romjulsdrøm.  LesVester

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  1. This is a great report that you have put together, it reminds us of all the wonderful moments this past year and how he has touched each of us in his own way.

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