Dear readers, as this year comes to an end today, it’s the perfect time to remember what it has brought to us. We asked Alexander Rybak fans what were the most cherished moments from 2014, and we publish the answers as a tribute to the passing year. Happy New Year…
Cover photo by Fleur Uiting photography

We really enjoyed “Hver gang vi møtes”

My highlight lasted for 2 months. My favourite artist in my favourite TV programme “Hver gang vi møtes” each week for 8 weeks. That’s really something to remember.  Venche, Norway

My favorite was the time when I always looked forward to each Sunday morning for 8 weeks to watch videos of him covering songs in HGVM. It was like weekend treat .  Bội-Dung Trần, Vietnam

The cover song “Kan Eg Gjørr Någe Med Det” HGVM.  Rosalia, Russia

“Hver gang vi møtes”. I loved every program and every performance by him. With two mighty highlights: “Lucky One” and “Kan eg gjørr någe med det?” May Elisabeth, Norway

When he was singing “Penger” (Money) and “Smooth Escape” in HGVM. Slávka, Slovakia  

For me the highlight of 2014 was Alexander’s participation in HGVM. Eight weeks of joy and a lot of wonderful songs 🙂  Especially  his interpretation of “Lucky One” was something that made a huge impression on me. I love the beautiful, sensitive and touching version of this song.  Anna, Poland

In HGVM Alexander got the opportunity to show his versatility in music and he did damn well. It was a pleasure to see how the Norwegian people supported him and was impressed by both him as a person and his interpretations. And my favourite song from HGVM is “Strange Little Bird” Kari L, Norway

Til we meet again

I was very fortunate to have three opportunities to see Alexander perform in 2014! But aside from meeting him in real life I was also delighted to be in Oslo (by coincidence) the night HGVM premiered and to watch the show. Alexander continued to dazzle us week after week on this show with his own twist on his farm mates musical compositions. Anni Jowett, England


We love “Into a Fantasy”

Releasing “Into a Fantasy” was for me the highlight of the year. Firstly, it was event on a global scale and great success. Secondly, it was really nice to hear Alexander’s song in Polish cinema 🙂 Dorota, Poland

A great thing was for me Alexander’s cooperation with DreamWorks. “Into a Fantasy” is a fantastic song and it’s so nice to hear it at the end of the movie :) Magdalena, Poland

I´ve got some favorite moments. Soundtrack presentation “INTO A FANTASY” for the movie “How to Train A Dragon 2”. Rosalia, Russia

When he released “Into a Fantasy” music video. Unforgettable (for me). Slávka, Slovakia 

The release of ‘Into a Fantasy’ coincided with the end of my exams and my school career, it was the soundtrack to my summer and kept me going until I got my results and accepted into my university. Such a lovely song and great to see it in such a great film, since I couldn’t see him live this year, This song was definitely my favourite Alex Moment :) Emily, UK

We were happy to enjoy Alexander’s concerts and meeting him… Moscow, Russia
Marina and Alex 24.june

My personal favorite moment is 24 June 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was in Moscow. He came to promote his new song “Into a Fantasy”. We’ve met in the studio;) Marina T, Russia Turkey

Meeting with Alex was obviously my highlight of the year. I feel so lucky to talk with him again. And I really appreciate that he remembered me 🙂 Sashaa, thank you! Yagmur, Turkey Nashville, USA

For me, it was the first time that I saw him live (hopefully, not the last time). He played in Nashville, TN (USA) on Oct. 1- a free concert at a church with Solveig Leithaug. It was incredible, he got a standing ovation after Bach’s Chaconne. It was truly a thrilling experience to meet him- he is so nice to his fans. He doesn’t just sign autographs and pose for pictures- he’s chatty, funny, full of compliments. That’s why we all like him so much, right? Marina R. , USA link to report Antwerpen, Belgium

photos by Fleur Uiting, Olivier Vanhoutte and Larissa Popping

My favorite moment of 2014 was the meeting in Antwerpen on 27th June. Alexander had time for everyone. We talked a lot. For me was it special that I was there. I could never have dreamed of such a time. What was most treasured is that Alexander and I talked about something special. I was not alone there, I was with my mom and Fleur.I want say thank you Alexander, Olivier, Mom, Fleur and all others for the lovely nice time 🙂 Best wishes for 2015 to all 🙂 Niels, Netherlands

My favorite Alex-moment this year at the meet and greet in Antwerpen on June 27th  ♡ happy times with friends and a warm conversation are a great memory of the year 2014, it is one of my best. Larissa, Germany Ål, Norway link to article

Personally my favorite moment was my trip to Ål to see the Frikar reunion. I spent lovely 20 hours there with good friends, got an unexpected bonus to see Alexander jamming with Ulf Arne´s (Frikar) band in the evening, and then the first Norwegian summer and Fairytale with Frikar the next day:) Hilde M, Norway link to report

The weekend I spent in Ål together with a lot of Facebookies May 30-June 1.. I got to see Alex twice since he performed together with Sundre Jetset (Ulf Arne Johannessen`s band) on Friday and he did a mini concert with Frikar the day after.It was a celebration of the five year anniversary of his victory in Moscow.We got to meet him both on Friday and on Saturday and it was very nice. Jorunn, Norway

My two best fiddler moments of this year happened during last spring. First highlight was attending that great reunion performance with the Frikar dancers under the hot sun of Ål.  And the second was watching the wonderful music video Into A Fantasy for the very first time.   Susanne, Germany Luxembourg link to reportMeet&Greet Luxembourg

My favourite was also my trip to Ål- but I chose Luxembourg  There was a nice atmosphere and that was the first time I could enjoy “Into a Fantasy” on stage  Alexander was so nice to come and say “Hello” to us afterwards Ulli, Germany link to report

Same as Ulli…. Luxembourg Simone, Germany Vesterås, Sweden

My favourite was, even though it was a closed event when he played for that girl Sara. of the open events… eh…Västerås was really good! Ebba, Sweden link to report Finland

My highlight moment was in last February when I saw him for the first time in my life here in Finland. It was a unique experience and it was so nice to see that he was just as amazing artist as everyone has told me that he would be. He is very talented, handsome and funny artist with a huge stage charisma, who can easily leave the other artists in his shadow when he’s performing with them at the stage. I only wish that I could see him one day again!  Annika, Finland Norway

My first memorable moment was the concert in Ulsteinvik on May 3 under the concept A Musical Journey.It was a beautiful,wonderful concert and we had a very nice meeting with him afterwards. Jorunn, Norway


I had two great moments this year – one was in Larvik in July, when I came to see Didrik and Emil Solli-Tangen and Alex surprised me with his being there. We had a chance to talk, because there were not many people who liked him and wanted to spend some time with him.
And the other one was in August in Halden, where me and my sister saw him performing many times during recording Allsang pa Grensen and we had the best seats next to the place where he performed. And later, of course, we also had a chance for a little chat and pictures :) Kaja, Poland Link to the show

The concerts with youth string orchestras are always true delights. Wonderful concerts, lots of music joy and eager & proud musicians. Like the two concerts in Nittedal in March. May Elisabeth, Norway Read about the event here


Musical Journey

In May I went on a musical journey to a very beautiful part of Norway, Sunnmøre, spending time enjoying the nature, the company of good friends and attending concerts in both Ulsteinvik and Brattvåg where Alex charmed us once again with a voyage through Classical to the Fairytale ending, including his beautiful adaptation of Sigvart Dagsland’s “Kan eg gjørr någe med det”. Plus a magical moment at the end of the evening when I got to strike a pose and dance, very briefly, with Alexander…bless him he really is a good sport.  Anni Jowett, England



For me it was when I saw “How to Train your Dragon 2” for the first time in Norway. I was so exited for the movie, and even more because I knew Alex would be there. I saw him standing in front of the entrance, and I totally freaked out. I walked up to him, speechless, just staring like an idiot. He asked my what my name was, and I almost was unable to answer. I got pictures and an adorable autograph!<3 He even called me Princess!
That was the best day of my life:D  Also, his music has helped me through tough times, and I would not be who I am without him today.
Andrea, Norway

The Hit

Something really special that I remember is a really great time during recording of The HIT.  Dorota, Poland

My highlight moment was in The Hit. I was in the studio with friends and we had a lot of fun. Alexander’s performance of “What I long for” is unforgettable for me. Magdalena, Poland

This is what I long for

I returned to Oslo again in October to be a part of the audience of the TV show THE HIT, where Alexander took part and presented his new song “ This is What I Long For” written by Elisabet Mjanger. It  really was great fun, so many other friends also had made the trip to support Alexander on the show, not only from many parts of Norway but from all across Europe. There was a real party atmosphere, such a lovely bunch of people to spend a weekend with and fantastic to see Oslo in its autumnal glory.
And that’s why I’m still here! Anni Jowett, England

Songs for others

Franklin performance “Still here” – amazing song! Thanks for Alexander! Розалия, Russia

Being present at the national ESC selection in Malta was definitely one of my highlights this year. Following Franklin and his team with Olivier in the lead,  and meet all those nice Eurovision people was really great.  And it was fun to see how popular Alexander is among the Eurovision journalists, and how nice they talked about him and his music.  It’s like a big happy family and I was just lucky to be a part of it for some days. And all this fun thanks to Alexander who composed the beautiful song “Still Here” for Franklin 🙂 Tessa La, Norway

When Alexander performed «I dine hender» in public for the very first time, together with Emil Solli- Tangen and Barratt Due’s Symphony Orchestra. I was there. It was just great.  May Elisabeth, Norway 

Other TV-shows

My favorite moment was when he improvised music on that TV show for images of the Winter Olympics. Lulu, Mexico

A splendid violin commentator in Sochi – with the absolute pitch, perfect also for this task. May Elisabeth, Norway

The song “Old Maple” in the show “Meeting place”, Розалия, Russia


Alexander’s programs as Radio host

«Min favorittmusikk» on NRK. I enjoy these radio programs over and over again. He is a great radio host, sharing his classical music world from great knowledge with elegance and warmth. I’m hoping there will be more programs like these in 2015!  May Elisabeth, Norway

We did not meet Alexander in 2014…but maybe in 2015 ?

I finally could buy Alexander’s records

The year 2014 was one where I had more time to devote myself to Alexander. I hope that 2015 will be a good year! Of course, my dream is to meet. I would love to! Especially in 2014, I could bought all his CDs online. Before, I did not have them all. Now I dream to meet! But for that, I should probably go to another country for the occasion, as in France, I have little chance. Finally, happy new year to all! In my language: Bonne année à toutes et à tous! Aurélien, France

Alexander was so close

My highlight moment was in April, when Alex visited Halkidiki and played for a children’s competition. I was then studying Science and became so absorbed that I had no idea that Alex was so close to where I live. I missed a great chance to meet him while school was over for Easter… Sofia, Greece.

I became a fan

My favorite moment of this year from Alex is simply becoming a fan of his. I knew his name for a little while, thanks to Fairytale, and then I wondered : “Why do I know so little about this young violonist?”
And then I went on YouTube, and Amazon, and bought all of his albums and listened to them over and over again. Alex and his music helped me through a lot of difficult times, as 2014 was a complicated year for my health.
So thank you Alexander, for being a wonderful artist, and thank you for being able to lighten my heart when life was tough. Resolution for 2015: meeting him! Chloe, France

Other fans amazed me

The time when I was editing the video from Vietnamese fans for his birthday. It was amazing and touching to read so many thoughts about how other fans from my country love his songs and how he and his music inspire them, especially even though not all of them understand the lyrics. That week was unforgettable for me . Bội-Dung Trần, Vietnam

My New Years wish

I couldn’t see Alex in 2014. And my 2014 was worse without Alex. But I chatted with him over the internet. (We can talk all the time when you have free time, Alex! 😉 )
I have only one wish for the new year… Meeting with Alex. More, more and more… 🙂 <3 Halenur, Turkey


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