Alexander Rybak fans: Cherished moments from 2013

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As this year comes to an end today, it’s the perfect time to remember what it has brought to us. We asked Alexander Rybak fans what were the most cherished moments from 2013? There were many responses, despite the short notice. So we publish their answers here as a tribute to the passing year. 

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all of you!
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Katie, USA: I finally got to meet Alexander in Canada. He’s sweet as pie!


Anni, UK: I was delighted that Alexander came to the UK again this year, and gave the British fans a chance to meet him. It made my heart smile to see those enjoying meeting him for the first time there.





Marijke, Netherlands: The BAD winter show and MGP.

Sara Anja, Norway: The concert at Vigeland Museum and The opening of “Arctic Race” in Bodø.

Larissa, Germany: The concert in Hannover, Germany in September.



May Elisabeth, Norway: The beautiful crossover concert in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Kari, Norway: His spontaneous jam with Alexandr Kagan in London, late April. His ability to improvise on the spot and his musicality always impress me.

Kaja, Poland: For me, this moment was the best. We could see how talented he really is, and that he doesn’t need to practice before doing something wonderful. But it’s Alex, I can name a thousand favorite moments from this year.

Katie, USA: I just loved the performance of this song. It’s so calm and beautiful. “Du skal få en dag i måro”

Larissa, Germany: Alex’s performance of “Hungarian Suite” in Tønsberg.

Sonia, Germany: The summer shows in Tønsberg were amazing.

Ebba, Sweden: Maybe his version of “La Det Swinge”

Susanne, Germany: My personal highlight was definitely the Vigeland concert. And especially this Tchaikovsky waltz, since I hadn’t  heard it from him before.


 Tessa, Norway: He broke a string on his violin in the middle of a song. He continued playing the next song with only three strings, which gave us a great new variation of “Jealous”. His way of handling the situation was impressive.

May Elisabeth, Norway: The final Christmas concert where Alexander got a standing ovation in the church, playing “Variations on Vi tenner våre lykter”.

Hilde, Norway: At the Christmas concert “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” went straight to my heart.

Ana Bruna Soares, Portugal: My favorite video

Anni, UK: I would like to thank Alex and the rest of the Taran team for the fantastisk Christmas concert tour this year. It’s the second year I return, because of how much I loved last years, but wow…..I loved this year even more…..we all need joy in our lives, and you certainly brought it to me in Tønsberg, Sarpsborg and Fagerborg, Oslo. Tusen hjertelig takk.




Tessa, Norway: The “Waltz” performed at the BAD winter show:

Hilde, Norway: “I’m With You”

Julia, Ukraine: So, a highlight for me was MGP and Annsofi’s song – his great debut as a MGP composer. The best, for me, was to hear and see reactions from MGP critics. So here is the video where they announced the song, and we all got to hear small part of it:


May Elisabeth, Norway:  MGP. The song. Annsofi’s performance. His happiness when his song reached the gold final.

Ebba Raab, Sweden : “My Passion” / “Roller Coaster Ride”

Slavka, Slovakia: Then, of course, the music video for “5-7 Years”. I love it, and I love the song.

Sonia, Germany: “5 to 7 Years”

Lisbeth, Norway: My highlight is “5 to 7 Years”. I love the song, the music, and his story about his sad dilemma. And, I appreciate his kindness to us.

Laila S H, Norway: I think this one was the highlight of the year!





May Elisabeth, Norway: A highlight for me.

and the Seminar with Swedish kids in Skellefteå.

Jorunn, Norway: I thought I’d choose “La Ronde De Lutins” from the string orchestra concert he did in Ski in November. The whole concert was just amazing and it was great to see how he interacted with the kids.


Slavka, Slovakia: His greeting to all girls and women on March 8th. Even my mom didn’t know what to say, and that does not happen often.

Slavka, Slovakia: The Christmas story about his family that he posted on Facebook. I mean… by every posting I realize more and more that he’s a human like everyone else, yet special to me and all the other fans.

Lisbeth, Norway: His communication this Xmas.

Sara Anja, Norway:  His personal and funny Christmas postings was also precious.To see him surrounded by crazy fans in Turkey made me happy

Lily Llewellyn, Wales, UK: Not a particularly good year for me, but receiving this made me feel so much better. Thank you my friends for sorting this out. You don’t realise how much I cherish it:



Venche, Norway: I have been to some concerts and loved all of them, but I think this announcement was the one that made me most happy. I was crossing fingers and toes for this to happen, and we still have it to look forward to. That will be so great!!

Teaser for the TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes”

Kari, Norway: You talking about your jazz plans for 2014 was definitely one of the highlights for me. 🙂

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  1. Hey ! Im a tunisian fan . I send many letters (with my photo as well ) , i asked alexander igorvish to come to tunisia for a concert . Pleaaaaaaaaaase !!!
    Thanks to reading me , have a good day … By the way happy new year and all my best wishes <3 🙂

  2. So many great moments mentioned, and so many not mentioned, because it was so difficult to choose. I hope there will be just as many memorable moments in 2014 as well. Happy new year everyone!

  3. Happy new year everyone! May be 2014 an amazing year in your lives, you’re doing great job, Team International Fansite of Alexander Rybak 😉

  4. Wonderful work, girls. Hope that this year who is coming bring a lot of good things to all. Wish you the best 🙂

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