Fan reports from the Meet and Greet, Athens, Greece 19.08.2017

Fan Reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet and Greet in Athens, Greece 19.08.2017

This summer Alexander took a few days vacation in Greece, during his visit he made time to meet up with some of his Greek fans. 

“I am sick and coughing all the time. So if you’re crazy enough to meet me tomorrow, bring some vitamin C with you, so you don’t get sick as well.” – Alexander Rybak

rybakofficial Instagram “Ooookay who’s that lucky guy in the middle? #SickButHappy #Athens #Greece #Hellas”

Athina and Marthina attended the Meet and Greet, and were among the first to excitedly post their photos on Instagram. They are very happy to share their experiences of meeting up with Alexander, keep reading to hear their stories.

Athina :Inspired

The 19th August 2017 was a really special day for me. A day I was waiting for my whole life.

We were waiting at the cafeteria. He came right on time. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was there. Alexander Rybak was actually there. I have admired him for longer than I can remember myself. He is my inspiration, not only for the fact that he is an amazing and really talented artist, but for the way he conveys his messages to follow your dreams and that nothing is impossible. He is the reason I have been playing the violin for four years now. And he was there, standing right in front of us, playing the violin.

He was really sweet and kind and he seemed that he really wanted to be there to meet each and every one of us. I had the chance to meet him and talk to him as well. I was really excited! He gave me an autograph and we took a photo together. He is a really special person to me. He made my dream come true.

I am just sooo happy that my dream finally came true. Thank you for giving me that chance to meet you and talk to you. You are a wonderful person and an amazing artist. You are my inspiration… I love you @rybakofficial



Marthina: Amazing

The meet and greet in Athens with Alexander was just great. Totally.

We were only about 40 people and I was just about the last one. As time passed the people that were there were reducing the stress that was growing within me.

But by the time I stood in front of him my feelings intensified. Anxiety, Tachycardia-my heart was racing . He asked me to tell my name so I told him. Then, without a second thought, I hugged him and did not let go. 
He hugged me very tightly. It was great.


We took pictures, we laughed a bit, and when I was finished I quickly gave a kiss to the cheek and a last embrace, even better than the previous one.

He even said “Oh you are a great kisser” and after that I believe that I am very good ! haha


That was a day I will NEVER forget.

You were amazing today! Thank you for this wonderful experience! You are amazing and too cute!



OIKOTIMES.COM :EXCLUSIVE CHAT WITH ALEXANDER RYBAK IN ATHENS: “I WANNA DO A CONCERT WITH SAKIS ROUVAS” made this short and interesting interview with Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009) in Athens after the meet and greet


Many thanks to Athina and Marthina for sharing their photos and stories with us.

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