Alexander Rybak – Events 2020

Follow Alexander’s musical journey in 2020. Here you’ll find his upcoming events and links to videos, articles, interviews etc related to the events and music releases. The list is based on information on his official website, Alexander’s information or organizers information and advertising. 

Alexander’s official event calendar you’ll find HERE

Covid-19 and how that effects events

Due to the Covid-19 situation Norway has got some restrictions for travelling abroad and national events. This means that per now it is not allowed to have events with more than 200 people in the audience with a meters distance.
From 15. July Norwegians can travel abroad to several countries within EØS/Schengen without getting a quarantine when arrive home. The list of countries will be updated every 2. week and can be found here.


Week 28-29 – Recording of a new music video in Oslo, Norway

23rd – Most likely the day the TV-show Allsang på grensen will be recorded.


6th – Allsang på grensen, TV-show on TV2 at 20.00 CET, Norway – Alexander will perform in this Norwegian Sing Along show. The show seems to be recorded in Halden the 23th (their last recording day). This year the recording day will only be open for invited people.

9th – Festival concert, Käsmus, Estonia. Alexander is invited to perform at the Viru Folk Festival. NB! Can be changes due to Covid-19 and Norwegian travelling restrictions.


25th November – The Christmas tour “Stille Natt Hellig Natt” premieres in Trondheim. 48 concerts in total from 25.11 till 22.12. You’ll find the tour list with dates and places on



1st – New Year’s Concert, Chisinau, Moldova – Alexander was the surprise artist in the free open-air New Year’s concert. The concert was streamed live on the TV-station Moldova 1. Watch videos from the concert HERE


1st – MGP, TV-show, Norway – Alexander is a co-composer to a song in one of the part finals in MGP 2020. The song went through to the final. Unfortunately it didn’t reach the Golden Final. Watch the performance HERE


11th – Jahn Teigen’s funeral, Tønsberg Norway – Alexander Rybak performed Jahn Teigen’s song “Slå ring”. Watch the video HERE


11th – New music video – An online duet with the Norwegian guitarist Thomas Leypoldt performing “Song From a Secret Garden”. Watch the video HERE

17th – ESC’s Home concerts. Alexander was a special guest in the 3rd video of the ESC’s serie of Home concerts, where he played the violin when Uku Suiviste performed his song “What Love Is”. Watch the video HERE

18th – Online interview TV-show, Belarus. Alexander was interviewed online in the popular TV-show “Makajonka, 9”. Watch the video HERE


3rd – New music video – Alexander release a cover of Julio Iglesias’ “33 Años”. Watch the music video HERE


4th – New music released- Alexander released 2 songs, “Give Me Rain” and “My Whole World”.

18th – New music video – Alexander and Frikar performed for the UN Security Council. More info to come. Watch the music video HERE

26th – Release of the ESC comedy “The Story of the Fire Saga” on Netflix movie – Alexander cameo as himself in this new ESC comedy with Will Ferrel. More info HERE


1st – Jazz brunch, Oslo, Norway – Alexander on stage with Felix Peikeli at Karpedammen, Akershus Fortrest. Videos from the concert

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