Alexander Rybak. Eurovision Medley at the Final of Danish MGP. 21.01.2012

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Alexander did an outstanding performance at the national Danish final in MGP 2012. He made an amazing medley of some of the Eurovision winner songs!

“Fly on the wings of love” Olsen brothers, Denmark 2000
“Hold me now” Johnny Logan, Irland 1987
“Fångad av en stormvind” Carola, Sweden 1991
“Satelite” Lena Meyer-Landrut, Germany 2010
“A-Ba-Ni-Bi” – Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta, Israel 1978
“Hard Rock Hallelujah” Lordi , Finland 2006
“Fairytale” Alexander Rybak, Norway 2009

Upload and subs by Julia B. English translation by Tessa L. and Marianne S. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.

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