Entertainer – soon premiere – interview in Østlandsposten 3.7.2016

Rybak-Fairytale chooses Bølgen.

On Wednesday it’s the premiere of Alexander Rybak’s summer show. He couldn’t wish for a better place than Bølgen (name of the concert hall).

Text to photo:  Chooses Bølgen: Sofie Bjerketvedt, Alexander Rybak, Øystein Lund Olafsen and Heidi Ruud Ellingsen like it in  Bølgen. The summer show premieres on Wednesday. Photo: Nils-Erik Kvamme

Source: Østlandsposten, published 3.7.2016. Text and photo: Nile-Erik Kvamme. Found by Ulli C, translated by TessaLa 

The lighting  has been set, the orchestra is ready, Øystein Lund Olafsen seems to have complete control with notes and entrances, and the main person in the summer show is happy to be back in Larvik.

– I have many memories from Larvik. My father and I played in Bøkeskogen when I was 10, and later I have returned every year, says the all-time clearest winner of Eurovision Song Contest.

Rehearsing: He is the composer  behind some big hits,the  young Alexander Rybak. Now he will show his ful repertoir on the stage in Bølgen. .

Will never get bored

That was in 2009. Since then many  have tried with summer shows in Bølgen with more or less luck.

– I can promise that the audience will not get bored. says Alexander Rybak, and promises many known and dear songs from 10 years in the limelight.

– Both laughter and tears. Maybe I can call it a little summary of my career, says Rybak and points out the other soloists and dancers, Heidi Ruud Ellingsen and Sofie Bjerketvedt.

Øystein on the grand piano

In place: Many choose Øystein Lund Olafsen as their musical leader. Rybak too.

– And not at least the pianist Øystein Lund Olafsen, who I always need to have with me, he adds.

In addition the show is spiced with exciting suprises where Rybak and the ladies offer big band, classical favourites, known folk tunes in addition to his own pop music. Everything performed with humour and energy.

The best from many

– We have chosen the best from every genre, and connected the songs  to small stories and gags, says Heidi Ruud Ellingsen who has known Rybak in all these 10 years.

– We met at “Spelemann på taket” in 2007, and after that I won NRK’s “Dream role” and got the role as “Kathy” in  “Singin’ in the rain”,says Ellingsen, who promises both dancing, tapping and singing in the summer show.

Sofie Bjerketvedt is maybe a little unknown.

– Deeply unjust. says Rybak, who promises that after this summer’s Bølge show everyone in Larvik will know who Sofie is.

– I was in “Kjempesjansen” with Dan Børge at the same time as Alexander, and then every one of course knows that I didn’t win, says Bjerketvedt.

Won competitions

Some years later she went right to the top in the  show “Grease” on TVNorge , and by that got the honour of playing Sandy in the show in Oslo Spektrum in 2008.  The year after she also took part in the “Mamma Mia”  show at Foketeateret in Oslo.

They are all excited about Larvik’s culture house, and points out the close connection with the audience as an advantage.

– I like that the audience look down on me, giggles Rybak, who together with his close friends promise to deliver the goods with charm, warmth and a lot of energy.

Johan Osuldsen is the director and the show  premieres on Wednesday the 6. and is playing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the following  weeks.

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