Alexander Rybak’s “Entertainer” premiere: fan review

During the Summer of 2016 Alexander Rybak celebrated his 10th anniversary as an artist with a musical show ” Entertainer” in Bølgen, Larvik.
Here is a fan review written by Anni Jowett  straight after she attended the Premiere show. She enjoyed the entertainment so much she returned back to Norway two weeks later to watch the last two shows.

Alexander Rybak in Entertainer with Heidi Ruud Ellingsen & Sofie Bjerketvedt

  • Bølgen Kulturhus, Larvik, Norway.
  • 6th July 2016.
Heidi Ruud Ellingsen, Alexander Rybak & Sofie Bjerketvedt
Heidi Ruud Ellingsen, Alexander Rybak & Sofie Bjerketvedt

It’s easy for me to say this concert is amazing. There’s not much I don’t find amazing when it comes to Alexander Rybak, Violinist, Entertainer and Winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. So amazing isn’t even a strong enough word to describe it, the show completely blew me away. The Bølgen Culture house in Lavik, Norway is itself an impressive venue, excellent acoustics, comfy seats and highly steeped, so it is impossible, however tall the person in front of you, to block your view. Probably a good thing for the person behind me as I danced in my seat throughout the evening.

Alexander opens the show with one of his earliest compositions, the song that gave him his breakthrough 10 years ago. Since then he hasn’t been Foolin’ anyone, he shines on stage as a performer, even if at the very start of this show he did appear a little more nervous than in the rehearsal. Totally understandable as I learnt that earlier lightning tried to steal the show and had taken out the sound system and some of the lighting controls and they had to rely on the backup system. No more worries, no more fears, they soon began to disappear, everything sounded great from where I was sat in the middle of the second row. The following numbers are fast paced high energy and set the mood that this is going to be a fun night.

Heidi and Sophie inject a high dose of musical theatre energy into the proceedings. One of my great passions, from a young age, has always been musical theatre, and wish I could perform like these girls do, with pure heart and soul. Always the showman, Alexander took centre stage, demonstrating his versatility in many genres, while sewing them together with an invisible seam and exercising his warm sense of humour. It should also be pointed out the amazing performance of the 8 piece orchestra, as nothing beats the sound of music performed live. As always Alexander encourages us to join in on the chorus of his own songs with a sing-a-long, lifting the roof just a little bit higher, and moves us with his violin play on the more sensitive numbers during which the girls take the lead and shine.

Taking the audience on a rollercoaster journey of genres, the excitement and surprise is maintained throughout the show all the way to the climax of Fairytale and leads to a standing ovation for the performers. Bravo. 

Anni Jowett, England, UK
But then I see your show
and all the sudden I’m happy, strong and proud.
That’s when I fan up.
Boy, do you mind if I say this out loud.
You got my heart.
Rybak, I know this time it’s true
So I came to Larvik
And that’s why I wrote this review.


                                                                                                         Score 6 on the Diceentertainer-larvik-3

Anni Jowett, England, UK

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