Alexander Rybak – Enchanted by Trolle

Enchanted by Trolle

It was full house and a signing line far out on the streets when Alexander Rybak was invited to a show during the Children’s Book Festival 2015.

Source:  published 20.9.15  Text:  bok365   Photo: Barnebokfestivalen 2015
Found by Ulli C. English translation by TessaLa. Revision by AnniJo

Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and the rest of  the Trolle gang had the grip on the audience.

The Trolle-crew: Rybak, Storhøi and dancers.

That’s a really good story and the choice of creating a musical package with book and CD is very good. This could become a new classic à la ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ said a bookseller on her way out from the performance of  “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle”. She stressed that Alexander Rybak has proved to be more than “a celebrity who is writing a book.” Aftenposten’s reviewer also believed that the other day. “Material that takes hold beneath the surface,”  Mette Hofsødegård wrote and meant the story had an interesting artistic core.

The main person himself had his hands full with signing and photography with both grown ups and the young ones. Especially the latter, he took his time with.

– It was for two or three years ago that I suddenly got a lot of new tunes in my head at the same time. Rock, pop, folk, classical – I did not know what to do with them! And then I started creating characters for each of the different styles, says Alexander Rybak who says that much of the story is based on what he has experienced in his own childhood.

– A lot is based on that, but not only on myself. I observed other children at school, and some were even more different and left out than I was. I’d like to advocate for them, I do not like bullying at all. Especially not at school.

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