Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen – Old interview before the Norwegian MGP, February 2009

Debutant and veteran,
Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen

Video interview: English translation by Tessa La, Russian translation and subs by Olina Novikova)

Published in the newspaper Sunnmørsposten. 

Found and translated by TessaLa

“I have attended the Melody Grand Prix School”
– Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak is the big favorite to take the victory in MGP.  That is not exactly a coincident.


Rybak did a thorough preparation before he announced
applying for MGP.
– I have always been keen to present something that
would be different from the other contributions, says Rybak.
Behind lies many hours of studies of former MPG songs.
– Per Sundnes has, as known, a couple of MGP DVDs on tape, and when we had an artist dinner at his place I got the chance to check through them and look at the latest winning songs.

With Per as mentor, Rybak could find his own formula.
The result is “Fairytale”. A song he wrote during a trip on Giske this summer.

Bettan boast unrestricted of the MGP debutant Alexander Rybak. Soon they will go on tour together. Photo: Alexander Worren


– After going what I like to call the MPG school, I could break down the song and rebuild it, he explains.
Rybak is in Ålesund among other things to provide interviews with
Elisabeth Andreassen, whom he will soon be on tour with, as well
visit friends and be an audience at MGP “Last chance” in Sunnmørshallen (the concert arena) Saturday night.

He’s not happy about that Foxy and Jane Helen will duel. They are in fact the favorite’s favorites.
– It will be very exciting, and interesting for me to see
the show sitting in the audience. The MGP experience he sees
as indisputably positive so far.
– It gained level and good artists, he says.
– Mira Craig and Maria Haukaas Storeng took a “bring
sexy back » during last year’s MGP
Now I hope that we who are participating this year can help to lift MGP yet a step. And if it’s still a little “harry” with MGP, it doesn’t really matter much.

– It’s a bit more “harry positive” now. Just look at my song: I
mixes folk music and pop, which is actually not an accepted mix.  But in MGP it works.

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