Alexander Rybak – Duets Day in HGVM with Reviews

The last episode of 3rd season of “Hver gang vi møtes” was traditionally dedicated to duets, when one or several artists featured another artist during the performance of his/her song. Alexander was involved in 3 duets. Here are full episode with subs, the songs took part in and reviews of them made by the largest Norwegian newspapers.

All the reviews translated by Tessa Lande, revised by Anni Jowett.

Simone Eriksrud and Alexander Rybak
«All I Wanna Do»

Music/lyrics by Eriksrud/Ofstad/Sjo

Dagbladet Dice 4

Once again we see Rybak in another role, as a duet partner, and now with funky groove and distinctly soul voice. This is quite close to the D’Sound, but with the voice of Rybak as a “bonus”.
Again he sings in a different way than we are used to, perhaps to emphasise that he can so much more than sing simple pop songs with a fiddle. He suits this too.

VG – Dice 4

This, at any rate, is marked with less of the D’Sound-original schematic pop-funk, which lives best and mainly in the verses. In the choruses it dies a little, and the crisp, clinical Steely Dan-funk disappears.
But both sing very well, they also have a chemistry behind the microphones like no other duet partners of the evening have been close to. And it’s not that bad with a little Stevie Wonder scat at the end of the song.

Anneli  Drecker and Alexander Rybak
«Ka e du redd for?»

Music/lyrics by Dagsland/McGurk

Dagbladet: Dice 5

This is basically a duet between Sigvart and his wife Karoline Krüger, and Anneli did certainly not weaken it and with fiddle contributions from both Rybak and fiddle colleague Marie Klåpbakken.
Sigvart manages everything from behind the piano, in his usual calm manner. This song is perfect for Anneli’s voice, almost merging with Sigvart’s. Comfortable and easy to like.

VG: Dice 5

This version is almost identical with the original, except that Sigvart was joined by Anneli Drecker as a duet partner instead of his wife, Karoline Krüger. But so what? It’s unassailable enough a great song, Anneli definitely does not do it shame (not that I had expected it otherwise).
If you want to poke, it must be just that nothing is done to challenge the song’s structure, as much of the meaning of “Hver gang vi møtes” really is. But should we poke tonight, in the farewell program? Should we?

Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya and Alexander Rybak
«Neste sommer»

Music/lyrics by Lillo-Stenberg

Dagbladet: Dice 5

DeLillos and Lars Lillo-Stenberg are really over represented in this final, but “Neste sommer” is a natural final choice – and also one of the most sing-along-friendly Norwegian songs I can think of. The whole of Norway knows the riff and the song that made it really take off for deLillos.
This is really a summer song and deLillos’ parade, and it certainly does not need the “duet card”. But it becomes a completely different momentum of this than the “Kokken Tor”. And it is quite refreshing to hear it with these three and the excellent backing band Stråmenn. Suddenly they is a whole choir up there with the whole gang behind the microphone. A whopping finale, with a capella singing at the very end, which also emphasises the feel-good aspect of this series.

VG: Dice 3

Old song again. Here we get served the convenient karaoke version of deLillos classic, and it would be an exaggeration to say that Samsaya and Alexander’s contribution, and eventually the rest of the gang, raises the quality of it. Instead, it strikes me that it seems somewhat strange that neither Samsaya or Alexander’s songs are covered as duets.

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