Alexander Rybak “dress debuts” on Women’s day

Alexander Rybak (28) must contend in a number of challenges as a participant in the Russian TV-show “One to One”. This Women’s Day, millions of television viewers will see him impersonating Gloria Gaynor.

Source:, published 08.03.15 Authour: Line Orfjell.   Translated by Tessa La, revised by Bita J.

Underline head photo: AS A WOMAN: It may not look like it – but yes, this is actually Alexander Rybak. It took some makeup to achieve this result!
Photo: Weit MEDIA

– I wanted to do something with humor and with a twinkle in my eye. Moreover, I have never worn a dress before, says Alexander Rybak VG.

Last year, the former Grand Prix winner took part in the show “Hver gang vi møtes” (every time we meet), and he is now once again topical on-screen – in Russia.

In “One to One”, ten different celebrities are participants and Rybak is one of them. Each week the performers mimic a new legendary artist, both appearance and song-wise.

THE ORIGINAL: Gloria Gaynor (65) is mainly known for her songs “I Will Survive” and “Never Can Say Goodbye.” Here she is pictured on stage in 2002. Photo: LIONEL CIRONNEAU, AP

So far, Alexander has only imitated male singers (including Enrique Iglesias), but this week it was the name of a woman that appeared when he pressed the “artist button”: The legendary “I Will Survive” singer Gloria Gaynor.

– I really believe in Gloria’s voice, when I was little I always tried to imitate her – and now I can finally do so, says Alexander.

And he really did. The images from the program shows an Alexander Rybak that is hardly recognizable – and it’s not just primarily because of his dress.

The face of Alexander is covered with both makeup and fake skin.

PÅ SCENEN: «One to One» er russernes variant av det internasjonale konseptet «Your Face Sounds Familiar». Programmet blir sett av millioner hver uke. Foto: WEIT MEDIA
ON STAGE: «One to One» er russernes variant av det internasjonale konseptet «Your Face Sounds Familiar». Programmet blir sett av millioner hver uke.

– It would have been easier to carry out the task if it were supposed to be a parody, but the creators of the program have a very deep respect for the artists we try to emulate. One should go into this ready to give it their all, says Rybak.

He has a feeling that it is not entirely coincidental that he had to be Gloria Gaynor exactly this Sunday: Women’s Day is celebrated in Russia, albeit in a slightly different way than this country.

– In Russia there is a point to emphasize one’s femininity on women’s day, whereas here it is to fight for equality. We’ve come very far on that front in Norway – much further than in Russia, said Alexander.

Sunday’s program is the sixth in the series, so there is still a while before the winner of the “One to One” will be announced.

Participants receive points for each performance, and the five who score the highest point total will eventually compete for audience votes in a crucial round.

Currently, Rybak is in third place. Whether there are more female portraits to come remains to be seen.

– I have no idea what I have to deal with in the rest of the show, but I have perhaps completed the hardest task already, laughing Alexander.

You can watch his Gloria Gaynor performance here!

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