Dream Christmas with the girlfriend

Alexander Rybak has already got his present

It was a warm meeting between the Grand Prix legends. But greatest of all is love.

In love: When I came to Norway I thought that Santa followed us from Belarus. For us orthodox, Christmas is the 7th of January, so we have presents then too, Rybak laughs. He already has the best present on his lap.

Source: Paper issue of “Se&Hør”, published 22nd of November 2016. Text: Gro Kristine Hære/Andreas Fadum. Photo: Andreas Fadum. Translation: TessaLa, revision Anni Jowett.

What a Fairytale

It’s a cheerful Alexander Rybak (30) who meets “Se og Hør” at the launch party of TVNorge’s TV-series “En hyllest til Jahn Teigen” (A tribute to Jahn Teigen). Namely because right next to him is his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm (22).

Our beloved artist met her on the Internet, and last April he posted a picture on Instagram where they held hands. “Hurray for Tinder” he wrote under the picture.

Looking forward to Christmas

Fly high: Alexander Rybak is looking forward to his first Christmas with his girlfriend, and cheers for having met his beautiful Julie Gaarud Holm on the Internet.

Now Alexander and Julie are looking forward to their first Christmas together.

-It will be fantastic and ground-breaking, says a joyful Rybak to “Se og Hør”.

-Christmas is about children, and in my family I am the child.  I’m looking forward very much to celebrate the day before Christmas Eve with Julie’s parents, and then Christmas Eve home with Mom Natalia and Dad Igor at Nesodden. Then there will be Christmas ribs, presents for the neighbours and playing in the Church. Even if I will play in 48 churches before that, referring to the Christmas tour with “Stille Natt Hellige Natt”.

– And I hope to celebrate New Year with Julie, because there is a Belarusian phrase that says; “The one you celebrate New Year with, you will see a lot during the year to come”.

Learned Norwegian by Jahn Teigen

10th of December you can see and hear Rybak perform his version of Teigen’s beautiful ballad “Adieu” on TVNorge, home at Jahn Teigen’s place in Sweden.

-First time I heard Jahn Teigen was in the car when I was 7 years old, and newly had arrived to Norway from Belarus. I was very excited. There and then I decided to learn Norwegian, fluently. Because I wanted to sing just like Teigen, says Alexander Rybak.

Real feelings: Jahn Teigen’s songs do not fit to any norm, but to his heart. There are few artists who manage to communicate real feelings like he does, says Alexander about his “Norwegian-teacher” Jahn Teigen.

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