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(Translated and commentary by Jitka, English revision by AnniJo)

[What is nonsense is there were fans from all over Europe and a lot of Czechs too, considering the short time for promotion here. Actually not so many Russians because of lack of time to get a visa and not so many Norwegians, who have enough concerts in Norway, not so big need to travel to Prague…the main language was English, even from the stage…Why should Alex speak English, if there would be only Russians and Norwegians? No!! He was speaking English, because his audience was international! – ed. Jitka]

The winner of the last Eurovision song contest, the Norwegian of Belarusian origin, Alexander Rybak (23) performed in the evening in Prague. Approximately 700 fans [ed. Jitka – actually nearly 1000, the concert was sold out!], among which were mostly Russian speaking visitors [No! – ed. Jitka] enjoyed the concert that lasted more than one hour at the Lucerna Music Bar. According to information from, this concert, in a country which doesn’t watch Eurovision, was with management enforced by Rybak himself.

Alexander Rybak Prague Concert 2010 picture 2Rybak’s show started half an hour late. But it was not so much his fault as the queue of fans, which stretched from the entrance of the club to Vodičkova Street. A Paradox in a country which doesn’t watch ESC and has no participants in the competition this year? No, only the work of Rybak’s fan club [which wouldn’t be successful, if his music wasn’t good ed. Jitka].


Alexander Rybak appeared on stage in a brown shirt [What? It was black shirt! – ed. Jitka] and white t-shirt and started with the violin part. He didn’t sing, but showed something similar to what Vanessa Mae (31) can do [Come on! I love Vanessa, but Alex is not her copy! – ed. Jitka] – skilfully joining the violin to pop-music. Dancers joined on stage and started a Norwegian dance called Halling, which is more than one thousand years old. Then Rybak without any greeting in Czech or specification of the place [well, I have to admit, that I was disappointed too a little bit – ed. Jitka] started to sing. He offered hits from his debut album Fairytale (Pohádky), which we still can’t buy in Czech Republic [what a surprise in country where there are such big troubles to enforce him against authorities and where new CD’s are so expensive, that it forces people to make pirate copies :-/ – ed. Jitka]. Among others he sang his own songs Dolphin, Kiss and Tell, 13 Horses and Fairytale, which ensured him victory last year. This song was sang by whole audience, even Rybak was surprised and thanked them [Come on! I guess that the most surprised of all was this journalist ;-)).  “You are wonderful, thank you” Rybak praised the Lucerna music bar visitors. When he asked in English, who of them were from Russia, there were dozens of hands rise up. Then he sang Russian song Komarovo, the rest of songs were in Belarusian [No! There was only Kupalinka! Rest of them were in English, guess I have to write to them again :-/ – ed. Jitka]

Alexander Rybak Prague Concert 2010 picture 3GIRLS RECEIVED THE ROSES
In addition to the songs from his debut album Rybak sang some well-known hits like “I Love you Baby” from Gloria Gaynor. During the song he took two little girls from the audience, who were about ten years old [oh, I am getting tired. They were much older – ed. Jitka] to the stage. He sang to them and at the end gave them roses.


[Oh no, we just asked Alex before some time]
When the Czech Republic doesn’t know Alexander Rybak very well and there is no possibility to buy his CD here, how did the organisers of the concert manage to get him “for a test“ to Prague?
It is not a paradox that Rybak came to country which doesn’t like ESC. It is credit to his fans from the whole of Europe known as FaceBookies. “When we learned, he will perform here, they started the fight which Czech radios, TV stations and press, making big promotion actions” said the source from the organising agency. [OMG so funny to hear it from them 😉 -ed. Jitka]

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He was born in 1986 in Belarussian Minsk, grew up close the Norwegian metropolis of Oslo. From the age of 5 he played violin and piano, is singing and creating his own music. In 2006 won in Norwegian talent competition with his own song ‘Foolin‘’. He performed with one of the most world-famous violinist Pinchas Zuckermann and he played the main role in famous musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in Oslo’s Nye Theatre in 2007. More information about Rybak you can find also on site of his Czech fan club [ of course ;-)]. 


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  1. Света,спасибо большое за Ваш перевод.

  2. перевод, конечно, оставляет желать лучшего, на чешском удобней читать))
    я, как свидетель, этого концерта хочу сказать, что вс ереально было круто. Он отлично провел выступление, работал с толпой, умница)

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