Alexander Rybak Covers in Hver Gang Vi møtes 2014


Alexander’s covers with lyrics in several languages, performed in the Norwegian TV-show “Hver Gang Vi møtes” in spring 2014.

1st Episode – The lovely version of “Lucky One” by Øivind “Elg” Elgenes.

2nd Episode – The cool reggae version of “Strange Little Bird” by Anneli Drecker.

3rd Episode – Alexander’s day and the other artists turn to do covers of his songs. At the end of the show he and Lars Lillo Stenberg performed Lars’ version of Fairytale.

4th Episode – Alexander’s smooth and passionate version of Simone’s “Smooth Escape”.

5th Episode – “Kan jeg gjøre noe med det”, Alexander’s fantastic version of Sigvart Dagsland’s touching “Kan eg gjørr någe med det?” Can I Do Anything about It”.

6th Episode – Alexander’s rapping Samsaya’s “Money” in his Norwegian version “Penger”.

7th Episode – “Alexander makes it sound healthy and wise to go out and get drunk” – Lars Lillo Stenberg’s review of this version of his song “UT”.

Playlist of all the songs.

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