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Alexander Rybak finds the party mood with the alcohol happy song “Ut ” (Out) from the 2005 album ” Festen er ikke over…..det er kake igjen” (The party is not over … there is cake left ). The choice of song surprised Lars Lillo.

– That Alexander should choose “Ut” was also a surprise, because the text is made in relation to a time IN my life around ten years ago when I was 40 and recently divorced, and the children had grown and I wanted to look around at the city’s nightlife. I wanted to get away from the family life, so to speak. Alexander’s situation is different. It is easier to imagine that he is going away from his mother and father. It’s cool that he can sing that he is going out and getting drunk. One might say that it is a metaphor for going out and living life, feeling that one lives. His version was entirely in line with Alexander’s musical inclinations, a bit like 70s, Eastern European, oompah-like Eurovision pop. He said that he had “Fairytaled” the song. He really did and it worked fine that way. This is yet again an example of how text and melody is not the most important thing in a musical expression. It is the way we arrange and do things that make the song. – DICE 3
Alexander Rybak – “Ut”
Alexander has obviously experienced a lot, but he is still only 27 and has not experienced the 40 year old life crises such as Lars describes of his own in this song. Therefore he makes the masculine life crisis into a party. A typical Rybak-stomping folk rocker, marinated in a good mood, no worries and no thought of what has led you into the crisis. From the song’s base, it becomes somewhat spasmodically positive in Alexander’s version. Naive compared to reality, perhaps. But it is not the way Lars Lillo-Stenberg’s own naivety appears to be.

Dagbladet – Dice 4
Alexander Rybak “Ut” (Lars Lillo-Stenberg)
The fiddle intro sounds like a variation of “Fairytale”, but that will probably always pursue Rybak. “Ut” has never been among my deLillos favorites, even though I like the simplicity of the text: “I want out, I gotta get out, I’m going out and getting drunk / I’ll be naughty / I want to get away from my home / and do a lot of nonsense. ”
Rybak makes it sounds a lot more cheerful than the deLillos version, which appears to be fussy, angry and quite “desperate”. It has got an oompah feel, with a flavor of folk rock, and it works thanks to Rybak’s usual charm.

Original version of song “Ut” by De Lillos

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