Alexander Rybak – Cover version of “Strange Little Bird” by Anneli Drecker

Anneli Drecker:Beautifully played and a wonderful performance.


REVIEWS: by Tore Waskaas

Alexander Rybak has also chosen his song from the album “Frolic” and does his version of “Strange Little Bird”, and get’s the honour of being the final act this evening.

Anneli Drecker: – I did not see that one coming . Incredibly fine version of the song, and he claims it is the same chords I use, but he had changed quite a lot in the melody. It was beautifully played and a wonderful performance. If I ever listen to a song made by my myself, it is this one I play.
– There is something special about that song,- says Anneli to TV2. by Øyvind Rønning Dice 4

Alexander Rybak – “Strange Little Bird” (Drecker)
Rybak appears more and more as a complete entertainer, with a natural charm that’s infectious. A completely different arrangement of a song with a text that Drecker tells means a lot to her. Rybak lets the voice become the main instrument, while the violin play is a funny effect. The song becomes more organic – and warmer – but too little happens during the song. The guitar play is cool btw. by Nikolai Kleivan Dice 3

Alexander Rybak – “Strange Little Bird” 

Then it was Alexander’s turn to flirt with reggae-rhythms. He definitely makes the song both happy and his own, but he does so in quite a static way. It takes too much time before the original touch appears, namely the choir arrangement in the refrain. This is a song that cries for a lift that can wake us from the state of hibernation we suddenly are in because of the monotone sunny rhythms.

The original version of “Strange Little Bird”

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