Alexander Rybak – Cover version of “Smooth Escape” by Simone Eriksrud

– “The guy is a firework of a performer, and I loved that version. I had hoped that he would do it “Fairytale”-like, and it was exactly what he did. I was blessed afterwards”- says Simone to TV 2 (transl. by Anni Jowett) 


(Translation by Hilde M.) by Stein Østbø – Dice 3

Alexander tries to transform 90’s funk into folk music, and that is not an easy task. Alexander only manages half-way. His interpretation does not meet the promise of the sweeping violin intro. But, he sings very well and gives the song a touch of classic Rybak optimism.

Dagbladet. no by  Øyvind Rønning – Dice 4

The song does not flow in the same way as D’Sound, mostly because Rybak is rocking it up. The violin play frames the song really well, without being too dominating. He does it totally differently, and turns it into something that could have been a Rybak-song – definitely more raw than the original. You realize he has a relation to the song, and it swings. Nice choir.

The original version of   “Smooth Escape” 

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