Alexander Rybak – Cover of “Lucky One” by Øivind “Elg” Elgenes

Elg: “He made a strong, beautiful and melodic interpretation”

“I think Alexander Rybak will surprise us in a positive way. He has an understanding for music that goes beyond the intuition that characterises the other more traditional pop artists.” Ref: Stein Østby, VG, before the broadcasting.


Dagbladet, Øivind Rønning: Dice 6!

Tonight’s goosebumps moment is a sensitive version of the rugged title track from last year’s solo album, where the original version has a heel-to-ceiling feel. A little nervous Rybak takes it down and makes it his, with a tender voice, modulation, lovely violin play and beautiful harmonisation with the band. Elg is completely entranced and may have wanted to cry a little – but manages to hold back. Great to see and great to hear how a song that is already standing steady on its own leg can be given a completely new life – with a touch of folk and classical violin play. Respect, whoever is behind the arrangement?



VG, Stein Østby: Touching Rybak:  Finally, a dice 5!

Alexander reveals the level of the musicality his body contains, and he sprinkles a little string playful folk-magic on an already boastful slack campfire country song – with a great success. Because he in fact takes a lovely song and makes it completely his own. Elg told before Alexander’s interpretation about the tough rock ‘n roll life with “Dance with A Stranger”. “Christmas party every night, and I remember nothing”. This one he should definitely put an effort in to remember.



The original version of “Lucky One”


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