Fan report by Ebba Raab – Alexander Rybak – Concert with children in Göteborg 06.04.204


All the pictures are taken by Ebba Raab

This comes really late but here is my report of the concert in Göteborg. We arrived to Gothemburg about 1 hour late. Never count on SJ to be on time… I decided it was no idea to go to the hotel and instead I hurried to the info to get a map over the town, It was my time in Gothemburg not spent at the station. The girl at the info heard I was from Stockholm and asked what I was doing in Gothemburg. I told her about the concert, she had no clue who Alexander was, but told me to enjoy it. I got to the place I thought was the concert hall but wondered if I was right.

Then two women came outside, one of them humming Fairytale. Oh, yeah definitely the right spot. They looked a bit questioningly at me. I’m not sure they knew how big Alexander is. Suddenly the door to the concert hall opened and I saw Laila waving at me. She was there with her son. I happily went inside. We were soon joined by Mary-Ann, her friend, Jaana, her daughter Rebecca with a friend and Marianne who arrived in a cab. We went to a cafe as it was too early to get inside the actual concert-house. It was really fun to just be with facebookies again!


The concert was so great!!! It started off with Europe Skies and (of course) ended with Fairytale, I never get tired of hearing the songs live! He also played Ronde de lutin ( a big favourite of mine) and I could see the people around me go like :O over the song, Dagdröm, Hungarian suite and the funny violin part which is another favourite of mine. And then Roll with the wind and Funny Little World. I really never get tired of seeing him with kids, he gets so much energy from the kids and they get energy from him!

After the show I asked one of the ladies responsible for the concert if there would be an opportunity to meet him. She said she was gonna go and see I met with Jaana, Rebecca and her friend who were also wondering the same thing. Then the lady came back, saw me and waved to me to come. I was followed by Jaana and Rebecca. There stood Alexander with a huge group of people, all wanting his autograph. There was always more and more people arriving and I told them they could go ahead since I had met him before. When I told that to one girl she said: No, it’s okay. I said to her, no, go ahead I’ve met him before, her reply was: “so have I” and we started talking. Turned out she had met him 4 years earlier and she looked really shocked when I said: I saw him 4 months ago. She said: “But then I’ll join you and be social.” We talked a lot. After a while the ladies came up to Alexander and asked if he was okay. Alexander, still signing autographs, said that he was okay, but that he started to get hungry and that he was running out of time. The ladies asked if he wanted to eat something he answered: “Yes, but it gets so strange when I’m at McDonalds.” The ladies replied that they understood it and wrote down what he wanted. Then Kjersti and I started discussing if we could do it as we had the time and there was still a LOT of children in line for an autograph. I said his name quite loud, he saw me, brightened up and said: “Hi, what is it?” I told him we could buy the burger. The lady asked: “Can you make it in time for that?” We assured her it would not be a problem, took the order and ran down to McDonalds. I think Kjersti was BONKing a bit 😉


When we got back we were met by another lady. She said that Alexander is talking to some people but then she saw the burger and said: “Oh you are the ones getting that burger! Okay come with me.” We got up the stairs and found Alexander with Marianne and the other facebookies. Alexander was in a good mood, but very hungry, so we followed him up and gave him the burger. He said he was excited about HGVM and got a bit surprised when I showed him the CD. “Oi har du den?” ( Oh, have u got that one?) After a while his cab to the airport had arrived and Kjersti and I left to find a good café. I think we spent 3-4 hours of talking until the clock was maybe 9.10 and she had to get home. I checked into my hotel and left Gothemburg the next day in a very good mood! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fan report by Ebba Raab – Alexander Rybak – Concert with children in Göteborg 06.04.204”

  1. Zohreh, like Julia said, it’s not an article. It was just my meetin with him 🙂

  2. Really?!and a question…are the subtitles on YouTube only available when you watch the film on YouTube?!’cus I’ve downloaded some of the films from facebookies channel hoping there was a subtitle but nothing…
    Oops…sorry…I thought it said “an article…” on top…I was even wonderin why it’s written like this if its an article…!!!!

  3. U cant imagine the amount of jealousy I feel at the moment…cus u know you’ve met him several times and spent some time with him while I cant even understand what he says most of the time in his videos cus I’m Iranian and the only foreign language I know is English so u can imagine how I feel like when Alex speaks Norwegian or Russian THE WHOLE TIME in the videos…let alone meeting him…*sigh*
    Im just saying that I cant help w the jealousy…
    But nice article…I enjoyed reading it…thanks…!

    1. @zohreh, watch videos at Rybak’s Facebookies Youtube channels (there are 3 of them so far), we put English subs on every video 🙂 And this is not an article, but the hand written report by Ebba Raab, Swedish fan of Alexander 🙂

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