Alexander Rybak – Concert in Pervouralsk 19.07.2014

Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert at the City Day of Pervouralsk at Pobedy Square in Pervouralsk, Russia,  the 19th of July 2014.

Thanks to Sonya Luzina and for uploading videos from the concert on YouTube. The videos are posted in  the playlist order, and only “Roll with The Wind”, performed before the “Eurovision Medley”, is missing. Sonya Luzina also made a playlist, so you can watch them all in a row.

Pictures from the concert you will find here

Alexander Rybak – Playlist Concert in Pervouralsk 19.07.2014

Alexander Rybak – “Europe’s Skies”

Alexander Rybak – “Dovregubbens Hall” (In the Hall of The Mountain King)  & “Fairytale”

Alexander Rybak – “I don’t Belive in Miracles” (Superhero) from the movie “Black Ligtning)

Alexander Rybak – “Funny Little World”

Alexander Rybak – “Strela Amura”

Alexander Rybak – “I’m in Love”

Alexander Rybak – “Into a Fantasy”

Alexander Rybak – “Eurovision Medley” &  “Fairytale”

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