Alexander Rybak comes to Lithuania to play classic concert!

Article from, published on 27.08.2013

Author: Ieva MIŠKINYTĖ

Found and translated byErika Jasiūnienė. English revision by Katie Anderson.

The European charmer changing his image.

The winner of Eurovision 2009, Alexander Rybak, has no chance to relax from the marathon of television shows and pop concerts following his success. During recent years he has had more than 100 performances per year! But at the Christopher Summer Festival the guy will reveal his lesser-known talents…

“First and foremost I am a composer, then a violinist and a pop singer”,- the Eurovision star who lives in Norway has said repeatedly. Alexander Rybak’s upcoming concert in Vilnius will make sure of that, because the guest promises to perform violin classics and his own compositions with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Professor Donato Katkaus. Alexander Rybak emphasizes that he is a graduate of classical violin studies. “I rehearse with the orchestras, I don’t want to be just a commercial music artist.” – admitted the guy. In addition, he began to create music at a young age, and now dreams about the days when he can settle down and be devoted to composing.

Nowadays the artist focuses on a children’s album. “I don’t expect that the world media will give it much attention. For journalists it would be much more interesting if Rybak has a baby or gets drunk and beats someone up”,- Alexander said in the newspaper “Evening Moscow” not long ago.

Apparently Alexander Rybak is tired of the endless travel and the entertainment business “pleasures”. “I prefer to travel to small European cities and work with children’s orchestras, rather than participating in gigantic international shows. Walking the red carpet is not interesting to me “,- said the artist.

Festival closing concert.

Alexander Rybak (violin, Norway) and the Municipality Chamber Orchestra of Vilnius, Conductor Donatas Katkus; Classical music and original compositions by Alexander Rybak.

September 11th, 19:00, Vilnius Picture Gallery Courtyard (4, Grand Street, Vilnius).

For more info about tickets etc click here.

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