Alexander changes his management – March 13th 2010

Alexander Rybak splits up with his manager

Different priorities and objectives.

Now it is out.

– The rumours has been long gone that Alexander Rybak and his manager Kathrine Synnes Finnskog is splitting up,a nd in an email to  EMI confirms the break up.

– After a fantastic year together BpopMentometer and Alexander Rybak chose to split up. After prolonged talks about the future they now separates  as friends.
BpopMentometer will take care of the booking of concerts and performances in Norway until 31 July.

– Different priorities and objectives for the future leads to that it is now time to focus further on their own.

Alex’s lawyer Pedro Fasting and media responsible Kjell Arild Tiltnes becomes his new team.

According to his music company the 23-year-old now recording his next album.

Source: Published 13.03.2010 

5 thoughts on “Alexander changes his management – March 13th 2010”

  1. Maybe not ALL the sadness, but a huge part of it! I agree with you, very much and feel very happy and relíeved by these news!!

  2. Finally the reason for all the sadness. Changing management is NEVER an easy thing, take it from Hollywood.

    Hopefully the stress is over for now.

    Cheer up, everyone!

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