Alexander Rybak – Celebration of Igor Rybak’s 60th anniversary 15.06.2014


Source: paper issue of “Se&Hør. Author: Asbjørn Vederhus. Photo:Tore Skaae.  Found by TessaLa. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak and Igor Rybak
“It’s the best gift I could ever get. I’m so touched said Dad Igor, after the big party concert his son had arranged.” Good tone: Alexander and Igor dad have a close relationship and are both very musical

Moved to tears 
Alexander Rybak (28) who is of current interest in “Allsang på Grensen” has already experienced a lot in his young life, but few things top the celebrating of his father Igor’s 60th birthday.
This is one of the highlights of my life. It’s something I will look back on when I’m old and remember with joy, Alexander explains to Se&Hør.
Dad Igor fully agrees. He can`t really understand that the celebration became so great… I can’t believe it’s real. It’s the best gift I could ever have, he says moved.

The family paid tribute: I can’t believe it’s real, said Igor after the big party concert. Here together with Alexander and his wife Natalia.


Close relationship
Alexander knew very well what his father wanted. A big musical party.
He wanted a big concert where all of his students and friends could participate. My task was to find a big enough venue, and make sure the  programme didn’t get too monotonous, he explains.
The whole family has been involved to make this concert become a reality, and Alexander praises his parents greatly, he has been traveling a lot over the past few weeks. Mom Natalia (55) took over so this became a real family project.

Igor Rybak and Arve Tellefsen
Harmonious duo-Igor is the violin teacher of Arve Tellefsen`s (77) daughters. Here are the two masters in a sensitive duet.

What do your parents mean to you?
They are my identity. They remind me who I am. It’s my family and the closest ones that count, Alexander asserts.
How would you describe your father in three words?
Adventurous, emphatic and a little sunburned, Alexander says and laughs hard.
It’s because Dad travels a lot. He enjoys travelling. I do too, so I guess I have inherited that from him.

Igor Rybak, Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh
The auditorium was totally enthusiastic :The final song “Let it Swing” had the audience on their feet. Bettan and Hanne delivered the goods, while Igor and Alexander spiced it up with violin tunes.


Famous friends
There were a lot of great Norwegian artists who wanted to pay tribute to Igor on his big day. Amongst them were Hanne Krogh (58) and Elisabeth Andreassen (56). Both the Bobbysocks girls were visibly touched when they made a speech to the birthday boy onstage, and when they together with Alexander and his father ended it with ”Let it Swing” the whole Christiana Theatre exploded into a sing-along.
How would you sum up this evening Alexander?
It’s really two things. As a host I’m relieved. As a son I`m really proud. Dad did very well. I think he cut a good figure and always he’s a fantastic entertainer. I have that from him, asserts the popular artist.

Honored Dad with a star team

 A big smile: Igor surrounded by his friends who all performed in his honor.

Igor Rybak's 60 years anniversary

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