Alexander Rybak – Bachelor worth NOK 8 million

The musician Alexander Rybak (28) has his debut as a host on the radio NRK Klassisk tomorrow morning at 9 am. He will be on TV in “The Hit” on NRK in October.

Source: Author: Geir Rakvaag. Photo: Anne Liv Ekroll/NRK

Translation: Jorunn Ekre, Revision Anni Jowett

NRK-klassisk Alexander Rybak

What will it be like to be a host in  “Min Favorittmusikk” (My favourite Music) on NRK Klassisk? 
-This is the perfect programme for me where I can try out the role as a host. It’s classical music, my audience get to know me through new stories and I have enough time to prepare each programme.

 Is it the classical music that is closest to your heart? 
-It’s the music I grew up with. I notice when pop composers are educated in classical music, and when they just try out stuff without any background. Big difference.

And what do you think of “The Hit”?
-I think it’s fun with a new and fresh talent concept on TV and I’m happy to contribute. I only hope the media won’t start writing about a comeback, as they always do when I do something fun.

How is your pop career going? 
-I have always been clear about disagreeing with the traditional pop industry, I’ll continue to fight for diversity. Fortunately NRK also starts letting me develop, and are positive to my various sides. Finally the period is over when people only invite me to play “Fairytale” in different outfits. Perhaps those people have quit at NRK?

You travel a lot?
-I`m going to Malta to appear in a TV show, to Russia to be in a long portrait interview for the biggest TV station, and to Turkey and the US where I`m having seminars with talented strings before we have a concert. Before I went to Ukraine this week many people adviced me not to go because of the conflict. But I don`t want to think like that. So I went there and recorded four TV-shows .My Ukrainian audience is just as important as all of the others.

Which book has meant the most to you?
-It was probably “The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo, but at the time I was 17. If I read it today I probably would’ve found it really sentimental.

What makes you happy?
-I have never bothered to find happiness. To me it`s enough with the absence of bad luck. You can always chase happiness, but then there’s so many other beautiful things in the world.

Who was your childhood hero? 
-David Coucheron. He was Dad`s violin student at Nesodden, and I wanted to become like him. In addition, both Eminem and Michael Jackson had a big influence on us kids.

What do you dislike most about yourself?
-Then I have to dig deep. But I wish I was more spontaneous and less of a perfectionist. But I feel you have to choose one, and I chose to be a perfectionist.

What do you do when you strike out? 
-Very seldomly I go out on the town and dance with girls without thinking about the fact that people take photos of me.

What cause would you be willing to join a protest march for?
-Yes to individual talent development. And jet skis.

Is there anything you regret?
-That I turned down the Ukrainian version of “The Bachelor”, they offered me NOK 8 million. My girlfriend left me only weeks afterwards.

Who would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?
-Myself in the future. Then I could get useful information.

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