Alexander Rybak at Ukranian TV-show “MasterShef”, 20.08.2011.

Alexander Rybak gave a master class to the project participants

Written by Alexey Bardyshev

Translated by Zhanna Sergueeva

Participants of the project “MasterShef” have already got master classes from tv-hosts Oksana Marchenko and Maxim Chmerkovsky, singer Alexander Krivoshapko and showman Sergei Sosedov. The next guest in the show is a musician Alexander Rybak, who came from Norway especially to teach the participants of the project to cook Norwegian salmon.

This is a dish that is very popular in his country and is often cooked in his family. On the average it takes 30-40 minutes of cooking. “Our participants have got an hour due to the fact that it is a new dish for them, – said a food-producer of the project. – But they don’t need more time because there is peeled salmon fillet in the pantry. Participants need only to remove the skin from the batched piece of salmon, marinate it, sauté and lay it out. “

It was Anfisa Chekhova who was talking to Alexander Rybak more than any other. “You know, I love men in glasses, – admitted telediva. – You want to lean on their shoulder right away.” She has managed to embarrass the famous singer by this phrase. To defuse the situation Anfisa has asked what is going on in Alexander’s life in recent times.

“I would not like to brag, – Rybak began, but decided to continue. – I recently met Joe Cocker and Barack Obama. “

By the way, the singer admitted that he visited Ukraine quite frequently. “I’ve got very good producers here,” – he said. Alexander said also that his first dish was a pizza, and for a romantic dinner he is ready to cook … a pizza with candles. The singer recommended to Ukrainian girls to eat more salo: “A salo is tasty, and you need nothing else. Girls in Ukraine need to spend days for eating it. “

Alexander wanted the participants to prepare a dish maximally similar to the one cooked by him. “I would like to get the Norwegian salmon with an Ukrainian accent”, – was his last instruction before participants began to cook meals.

Those, who dare to make the Norwegian salmon at home, should heed the advices given by the judges of the project to the participants when they started to cook. “The main thing – don’t overdry salmon, because the worse can be only fat-free meat,” – said Anfisa Chekhova. “And please do not use lemon juice” – added Hector Jimenez Bravo .

Norwegian salmon recipe from Alexander Rybak

Salmon fillet is farced by fresh basil, rubbed with salt, sugar, pepper and olive oil. This way it is pickled. In a separate bowl we boil the potatoes embur. Embur potatoes is a kind of mashed potatoes. It’s feature is: potatoes are boiled in their skins, after that the pulp is frayed with rubbing mechanism for mashing. Black and green olives are added, diced. All this is filled with butter, and potato mixture come out.

Also this dish is accompanied by broccoli cabbage inflorescences. They are boiled in salt water and then abruptly cooled in ice. This is called the English way of cooking. Thus the natural green color of a cabbage is retained. Further, it is necessary to fry the cooked cabbage in butter with garlic and lay it out like a pillow. On a pillow of broccoli the roasted salmon is laid out, which is pre-marinated.

Lay out potatoes embur  with two spoons in the form of a fan. There are three petals. And all it is poured by a saffron sauce .

Saffron sauce is cooked as follows: onion-Charlotte and garlic are roasted in a butter. Sea salt, the mixture of peppers are added, all is diluted with low-fat cream. Excess moisture is evaporated to thickening. Petal saffron is added. The sauce is ready.


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