Alexander Rybak at the Hungarian national final for ESC 2016

Alexander performed “Fairytale” in the national ESC-selection of Hungary “A Dal”, on 27th February 2016, on channel Duna-TV.
The performance was pre-recorded the previous day, because on the day of  the ESC-finale he gave a concert together with the finalists of the “Virtuózok” classical talent show in Budapest.
He was also interviewed, below you find the video-interview as well.

An Instagram-message with “the world’s shortest song” 🙂


In the short interview with the host of the show right after his performance , Alexander mentions a production due to which he visited Hungary in 2015 and 2016.
You can find everything about this concert with the young musicians of  the “Virtuosos Talent Show”, and his visit in Hungary in 2016 HERE.

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