Alexander Rybak: At the Eurovision Song Contest your Gaitana will be among the top ten!

The winner of “Eurovision-2009” told the “Gazeta Kievskaya” what the Ukrainian representative Gaitana should do to make spectators at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku like her.

Article published on , April 26  2012, 15:51, Kiev, Ukraine. Link to the original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Tessa Lande.


The winner of “Eurovision-2009”, the Norwegian of Belorusian origin Alexander Rybak, shot his new video in Kiev. During a break between takes Rybak told about a special invitation to perform at the “Eurovision” in Baku and his relation to the competition that brought him the coveted honor a few years ago.

– I know that after participation in “Eurovision” many artists want to forget this competition and become self-sufficient artists – I think it’s wrong. For example, I am pleased that I got an invitation to perform again at the “Eurovision” and I’m not going to ignore that.

The musician and the singer agreed to give some advises to Gaitana that should help her to get a worthy place in Baku.

About the criticism

– I like Gaitana as a performer – she is a wonderful actress, – Alexander Rybak began. – Specific recommendations are needed for weak ones but she is strong and she doesn’t need them. Most important is to pay less attention to criticism. If they criticize your origin – don’t react towards negative by being negative – it is easier to keep silent. Do not lose your faith in yourself and continue to create because the future success is the best remedy against the critics and ill-wishers.

About the outfit

– Gaitana is a beautiful girl. I saw how she was dressed in the national final – I liked that. I think that nothing really should be changed – in such a dress she surely can perform in Azerbaijan.

About the song

– I have heard the song “Be my guest” several times. It’s not a bad song and has a really groovy tune. I know somebody in Ukraine has doubts about this song but my prediction is that Gaitana should get into the top ten!

On the manner of performing

– The most stupid thing you can do is to copy other artists. I strongly recommend not to do that to all contestants, so no athletes on stage like it was by Bilan or playing the violin being the emphasis as I did. The main thing is not a show but a sincerity of the number, not an intention to imitate someone such as former winners, and only this way it will be a success!

– I was born in Minsk and when I was 5 my parents brought me to the suburbs of Oslo. Gaitana lived for some time in Congo and it seems to me we have a lot in common. When you’re faced with the condemnation of your roots don’t hide your specialties and your culture. On the contrary emphasize your otherness and uniqueness as a carrier of African roots! Surely Gaitana’s sense of rhythm is ten times higher than that one of many Ukrainian colleagues.

About spectators

– On the eve of my performance at “Eurovision” I said that if the Belarusians agreed I would be very pleased to say that if I would be a winner then half of my success would be a merit of Belarus. Maybe Gaitana should share her future success with Africa, all the more since so many African communities live in Europe, especially in France, Britain and Italy.

In the meantime

Meanwhile the singer herself is diligently preparing for the “Eurovision” to be held in Baku. Her number and details of the concert costume Gaitana holds as a closely guarded secret. But, as “Gazetta” was able to learn, during her performance the singer will not play on any instrument. Earlier journalists speculated that Gaitana could use drums in her show.

– I don’t plan to play instruments on stage in Baku! – the singer commented on her upcoming number. – Maybe I just will come out wearing Ukrainian wreath! – said Gaitana.

According to the contestant from Ukraine, preparation for the “Eurovision” takes a lot of time therefore the traditional party on the eve of departure to Baku had to be cancelled. Unlike her predecessors Gaitana also refused to make a European promotional tour – she will perform only in Ukrainian cities.

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