Article and video: Alexander Rybak at the charity presentation of his new video in Vitebsk, Belarus

The article published on 11.07.2014 on

Author: Karina Shlapakova. 

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak at the presentation of his new video in Vitebsk

On July 11 a charity presentation of the animated movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” attached to the release of the new video of Alexander Rybak took place in Vitebsk .


The soundtrack to the second part of the popular animated movie “How to Train Your Dragon” became the first work related to the movie-industry in the career of the Belarusian Norwegian. This has been possible thanks to the collaboration with one of the leading production companies in the world – DreamWorks. The presentation of the new video was arranged for A special audience. They are children from orphanages and pupils of boarding schools. The children gladly talked with the musician, gave him gifts and took pictures in turn. (*Remark of the translator: In the other similar article it is said: “And when the artist was offered to do a group photo in order to save time, he refused and smiled at the camera embracing each young fan individually.”)


Alexander answered the journalists’ questions with a smile and was ready to share everything:

I like to inspire people, to tell them that each of us has a talent, and it needs to be developed. Also, you can experiment with it. For example, my talent is music, I’m not afraid to experiment with jazz, classical and pop music. You should always believe and support each other. That’s what my new song-soundtrack “Into a Fantasy” is about. It’s all very positive, I hope you like it.


Alexander talked about how he found a producer, and she, in turn, invited the most smiling and bright Norwegians for the video shoot within one week.


We tried very hard, and it worked out. I never dreamt that I could work with one of the leading production companies in the world – DreamWorks. I had an idea, and I wanted to to implement it.

4 years ago Alexander voiced the first film, and even the Russian version (*he didn’t voice the Russian version, he was offered but refused – remark of the translator). As for the future, Alexander said he wanted to become a composer.


Before the presentation of the movie we managed to talk with Alexander Rybak’s sister, Julia, and his niece Oulyana. Julia is a half-sister of Alexander (the daughter of Alexander Rybak’s father from his first marriage). Alexander’s niece plays the violin too.


Oulyana and I are similar. We are both very modest and shy to be interviewed, – said Alexander when Vitebsk journalists surrounded the girl and asked her questions.


Furthermore, a fan of Alexander’s from Norway was present, who has attended his concerts in Norway, Finland and now has arrived here with us. Alexander himself said she is his most loyal fan. The girl said that there is a special fan club and they travel together with other fans to his concerts. But this time she came alone.


At “Slavic Bazaar-2014” Alexander will perform in the program “Stars of Europe” on July 12, at 02.00, in the Summer Amphitheatre.

Here you can watch the video from the charity presentation
Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Tessa Lande.

All photos from the charity presentation you can watch here (slide-show)

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  1. Tessala, thank you 🙂 ! He HAS been incredibly busy but he seems to be an amazing person!

  2. Hi Sarah,it will come. Alexander firstly wanted to have his answers ready so they could be published when he released his new music video “Into a Fantasy”, but unfortunately he didnt manage due to his busy schedule, so he asked us kindly for permission to postpone it until after the summer. And we couldn’t say no to that. 🙂 He sent us a msgs recently saying he hasn’t forgot about it, and will do it as soon as he find the time.

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