Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander performed at the Norwegian festival Sveiomarknaden 2017

Featured picture: Photos by Marit Olavsdatter and Daniel DeNiazi 

Alexander performed four songs, one of them, “Dyrene i Afrika”, he performed together with the children’s choir. Alexander was joyful and the audience showed their enthusiasm and sang along the songs.
In addition to “Dyrene i Afrika” (The Animals in Africa), he also played “Bergrosa”, “Roll with the Wind” and “Fairytale”.  Thanks to Marit Olavsdatter, Venche M. and Marte Brekke we can enjoy them all: 

Click HERE to watch the performance of  “Roll with the Wind”. It starts at 3.45.
Video of Alexander’s arrival in Sveio. From 

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