Alexander Rybak at Sommerfesten, Giske, Norway 2011

Alexander performed at the annuel Summer Festival in Giske 30.07.2011 with several songs, among others, Bergrosa, which was played in the memory of victims of the terrorist attack in Oslo and Utøya. He also announced the winner of the competition about the name of the cow – the symbol of the festival. A lot of facebookies (not less than 40 people) were present there and filmed everything for you:)


Europe skies

by Julia Bezbakh

Resan till dig

by Venche M.

Roll with the wind

by Venche M.

Funny little world

by Venche M.


by Venche M.


by Venche M.

4 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak at Sommerfesten, Giske, Norway 2011”

  1. Mientras mas conosco su musica, mas me convenso que el paraiso existe. muchas gracias por el video

  2. AMAZING! Truly, simply and utterly amazing. Venche, you are a diamond. Thank you for recording this cariad. 😀

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