Alexander Rybak at Monster Concert, Sykkylven, 27.08.2011

Alexander performed, among  other Norwegian musicians, at the benefit concert of environment protection organisation Monsterlines, which was held in Sykkylven on 27 August 2011.

Thanks to our dear facebookie Tessa La, who filmed all the songs for us, we can see how it was!:)

Europe’s Skies

Funny little world

Resan till dig

“Roll with the wind” with children’s choir

“Fairytale” with children’s choir

3 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak at Monster Concert, Sykkylven, 27.08.2011”

  1. This video is baeutiful a love it ….congratulation Alexander a love you,,,,bye from Ecuador.

  2. Those videos are adorable! I just can’t stop watching with them <3 Thank you Tessa La for filming them, I really appreciate that! 🙂

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